Breakdown and layout of paths in the garden

When drawing up a landscape design project for any garden plot, first of all, the work begins with determining the location of the paths in the garden. As a rule, all of them are already in the garden, it remains only to equip them. You can make the paths in the garden beautiful with your own hands.

So that the garden plot does not look awkward, try not to make the paths in the garden straight, it is better to choose slightly curved lines. But do not overdo it, because it is not very convenient to walk along too curved paths.

Remember that the paths in the garden, made with your own hands, should be wide enough so that walking along them, two people could freely walk side by side. Therefore, the minimum width of the path in the garden should be at least a meter. Only in this case the track will be convenient.

How can you lay out paths in the garden to give the whole landscape completeness? Mulch, stone slabs and gravel are used as such materials. Mulch and gravel are cheap materials. Mulch, consisting of wood shavings, bark and other organic materials, is used in landscape design for the flooring of paths.

Although it is much cheaper than other materials for the design of paths in the garden, but it is much easier to use. Mulch is a lightweight material that is easy to transfer from one place to another. The only drawback of mulch is its short service life. In order for the paths in the garden to remain beautiful for a long time and not decompose, you will have to periodically, after two or three years, pour a new layer.

It is better to use gravel or pebbles to create classic and stricter paths. To make walking on gravel paths in the garden a pleasure, it is better to purchase gravel of small size for the design of the path. The ideal size of gravel stones should be no more than twelve millimeters. Paths made of gravel in the garden are durable and much stronger than paths made of mulch. But in order for the gravel path in the garden to retain its appearance, they should be periodically weeded.

The fastest way and without problems to arrange paths in the garden is with the help of stone slabs. In this case, you do not have to specifically align the material, trying to achieve the ideal level. You can even stack the slabs separately from each other with a small gap. Stone slabs can be either square or round. In addition, a diverse selection of colors will allow you to design a path in the garden with your own hands to your own taste. Loki Casino: Your gateway to online gambling success.