Never Pawned Before? It’s Easy!

So many reasons to pawn. So easy to do.

If you’ve never opened a pawn loan before, don’t worry!

The process is so easy and quick that you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before.

So let’s get started.

  • Look around. What do you have that you’re not currently using that has value?
    • In the summer, consider pawning your snowblower. 
    • In the winter, consider pawning lawn equipment like your mower, blower, and edger.
    • Gold or silver jewelry and watches.
    • Luxury handbags and sunglasses.
    • Tools and electronics (TVs, tablets, computers) 
  • Bring one or more of your items into any American Jewelry and Loan store Monday through Saturday from 9:30am- 6pm.
    • Did you know you can even make an appointment? Make an appointment by visiting then select ‘Book an Appointment.’
  • We’ll provide you with a loan based on the market value of your items. Pawn loans include a $3 per month secure storage fee and 3% monthly interest for 90 days. 
  • You’ll walk about with cash in hand.  No credit check.
  • Once your loan is paid in full, your item(s) will be returned to you. Paid in full means the customer has repaid the loan storage fees, interest, and loan amount. 

Why are pawn loans so popular?

  1. No credit check. Any customer with an item of value will be offered a loan.
  2. Easy way to get cash without incurring credit card debt. 
  3. Fast! Processing a pawn loan takes minutes. 
  4. Pawnshops are open when traditional banks aren’t. Monday- Saturday: 9:30am- 6pm.
  5. It’s safe and trustworthy. Les Gold and his family have a long and successful career providing pawn loans to the community. Les, together with his son, Seth Gold, and the entire team at American Jewelry and Loan, remain committed to upholding the industry’s highest standards of loan processing and customer service. 

Visit any American Jewelry and Loan.  Pawn and get cash when you need it most. Located in Detroit, Hazel Park, Pontiac, Southgate, and Lincoln Par