Bring your stuff. Make quick cash.

Need some quick cash? Get a pawn loan using an item of value to secure the loan. There are many great benefits to a pawn loan, including:

  • Quick, easy, and confidential way to borrow money.
  • A great alternative to traditional banks.
  • No credit check or impact to your credit.
  • Low-interest rate and storage fee.
  • Items can be pawned again providing customers with cash whenever they need it.

Want to get started? Here’s how it works:

Getting a Pawn Loan


Bring stuff

Popular pawn items are jewelry, electronics, and tools. See the complete list of eligible pawn items. 


Get an offer

We’ll offer you a loan based on the market value of the item for 90 days. Market value is the current value the item could be sold for today (not the original price paid for the item). The loan will include a 3% monthly interest rate and a $3 monthly secure storage fee.


Keep your pawn ticket

Not only is it the receipt for your item, but it also summarizes the terms of your loan, including fees, item
descriptions, and more. Here’s an idea: Snap a pic with your phone, so you know you have it.

Calculate Your Pawn Loan

Estimate your loan, interest, and fees.

Pawn with confidence

  • Trust in our 48 years of experience serving the
  • American Jewelry and Loan follows all federal,
    state, and local laws and regulations. Learn more.
  • On average, more than 80% of all customers return to reclaim their items, according to the National
    Pawnbrokers Association.


Pay off & pick up
your item

On or before your loan expiration date, return with your pawn ticket and pay the loan amount plus all fees (3% monthly interest and a $3 monthly secure storage fee). Once paid, we’ll return your item to you.

Extend your loan terms



If you choose, you can simply pay the interest and roll the loan over for another 90 days.

Visit our online payment center.

Need more time to pay your loan? Just call us!
Detroit: (313) 345-4000
Hazel Park: (248) 398-4653
Pontiac: (248) 409-5626
Lincoln Park: (313) 438-0882
Southgate: (734) 225-6811


The top three things that generate the most cash for your loan are:







But don’t be limited to just these items. Most anything can be pawned. See our complete list of items that can be pawned or sold.

Have an item that’s not on the list? Call, or bring it into any one of our locations and talk to a sales associate.