JEWELRY protection

Protect your precious items.

Keep your jewelry in beautiful, wearable condition for generations to come. Get the American Jewelry and Loan Jewelry Protection and Care Plan, and you’ll be in the good hands of our experienced jeweler and team of trained associates.


  • Replacement of diamonds .25 carat and below
  • Prong replacement and rebuilding
  • Rhodium treating
  • Stone resetting
  • Ring resizing
  • Polishing
  • Band repair

Maintenance and Complementary Services

  • Jewelry must be brought in-store for a maintenance inspection every four months to determine if repair services are needed.
  • Enjoy a cleaning and polishing service.
  • Your plan also entitles you to up to five written insurance-quality appraisals to update the value of your ring. Appraisals may be performed at any time.


Classic Plan


Jewelry retail price $499.99 and under.

Radiant Plan

10% of the retail price.
$500 Maximum.

Jewelry retail price $500.00 up to $5,000.00.

Terms and Conditions

A plan must be purchased for each piece of jewelry and at the time of jewelry purchase.

To maintain plan activation, jewelry must be brought in-store every four months to undergo a maintenance inspection. Failure to comply with maintenance inspections will void the warranty.