Odds bonus - A way to earn extra money?

Odds games should normally only be played because they are fun and exciting. Virtually any sporting event or match becomes great entertainment once you have bet a penny on the outcome. You play the odds because it's fun and you don't expect to make any money from it in the long run. There are, in fact, a number of very skilled players who manage to make money in the long run on betting but the chances of you or I being one of them are not great. The great thing is, however, that with one method, virtually anyone can make really good money from betting companies and betting. It also gets even easier with an odds bonus.

Odds bonus a surprisingly profitable phenomenon

By taking advantage of odds bonus offers, one can actually make really good money at low, or no risk. Take spelbolag utan svensk licensr below as an example. If you're not already a Betsafe customer, you can open a new account, deposit $1,000 and receive a $1,000 bonus. Unfortunately, it's not so easy that you can immediately withdraw your deposit and the bonus. Betsafe's bonus terms say that you need to wager the locked amount bonus amount 3 times ((1000 kr 1000 kr) x 3 = 6000 kr) on odds of 1.80 or higher before you can withdraw or use your funds on any product other than sports betting.

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When you are now forced to wager 6000 kr on odds, there is of course a chance that you will lose everything. But on average, an oddsmaker loses no more than 7% of the stake. On a bet of 6,000 kr, the average gambler loses just over 400 kr. So the average player has almost 600 kr of the bonus left when the wagering requirement is met and the money can be withdrawn.

Earn 10.000 kr tax free on odds bonus

Above you will find many different betting sites that offer odds bonuses to new Swedish customers. If you take advantage of all the bonuses, you will probably have earned many thousands of SEK, legally and tax-free. If you are smart, you will also realise that it is possible to clear bonuses on several betting companies at the same time and perhaps bet on all the outcomes of a match, but on different betting companies. Anyone who does this earns money without the risk of losing.

How is this possible?

Odds Bonus - A way to earn extra money?

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually isn't. The good thing is that this time it's actually true. Anyone can earn like £10,000 on odds bonuses in a few weeks. The reason why betting sites can still offer such favorable bonuses is that very few players have the character to actually go through with it. Enough players continue to play after the betting bonus is cleared and continue to lose 7% of what they wager. And after a few weeks, the normal player has lost both bonus and deposit.

This is not a new phenomenon I have discovered, it is well known that this can be done. A few years ago, Nordnet's savings economist Günther Mårder drew attention to this in the article "20 000 kr risk free in one month? "This is about human weakness. It is possible to make easy money but enough people will fall through and continue to gamble. And lose their money.

Be aware that casino bonuses or poker bonuses don't work like this at all. The wagering requirements are set so that there is usually no added value for the customer. Don't try to make money from casino bonuses unless you have an extremely good understanding of the market. Poker bonuses work completely differently from both odds and casino bonuses. It is often more a question of a rake discount (the fee you pay to the gambling company). If you are a very good poker player, you can of course make money from poker bonuses, but the average player will lose money.