Matrix: Revolution

To be honest, it's kind of sad that by the end of the story, both the action and the philosophy have slipped up. The scene with the shootout upside down is good, but this was in the first part. In general, there are many parallels with the first films: the same angles with the Pythia in the kitchen, the famous Trinity pose and much more that I have already forgotten. Even an antiparallel came out with the Merovingen Club. If last time there was a decent restaurant, now it's a bdsm club that raises questions. Are these the same people who were in the last restaurant? Were their suits specially made, or did they come in their own? How to follow the heroes, and not look at the extras?

Even the scene from the battle in Zion is somehow faded. Because it is really very surprising why octopuses move like a school of fish in one stream, instead of stupidly splitting up and plunging tentacles into the pilot from all sides. Even a warrior like Commander Mifune won't be able to shoot in all directions in such an open cockpit. I was pleased with the flight scene of Niobe and Morpheus. This woman is doing such things at the wheel that no one believes that this “our” ship is plowing through impossible spaces, and iron Morpheus is nervous and confused. That was cool. Smith's words about cookies are certainly something beyond logic and morality. You forgive him even the demolition of the plate. I am wildly rushing from the game and the mimicry of Hugo Weaving and I still can't stand it to be wise and laugh at them again.

The final battle with Smith, too, with all the external coolness, was strange. First of all, how do they stand like this in a downpour and not pour into their mouths??? It's not very cool when you realize. Secondly, the fight is certainly stylish, but it's a pity that there is no more than one Smith. Apparently, Mr. Agent has reached that stage of villainous narcissism when you want to see the triumph over the main character of the film from all angles. Or Wachowski spent all his money on cars. But they fly like in anime battles. Thirdly, because of a silly joke: “Why are you getting up, Mr. Anderson?! - Try to lie in a puddle yourself. It's cold.”Somehow it's not very pretentious and cool.

The ending itself is also discouraging. Neo dies for people at the hands of a thing that looks like a child from the future from Gravity Falls (judging by the Nostalgic Critic, I'm not the only one who has such associations) and cars are like, OK, everything is normal, we don't kill you, we still have a bunch of people in the fields and in the baths, but who if he wants to get out, then so be it, he won't lose us. As if the denouement was written on the knee. And the strange last shots, where we will once again see how the programs are more emotional than living people in acting and a strange photoshop sunset in the name of Neo. End.

It's a pity it didn't turn out that people didn't come out of the Matrix, and the whole war was just their virtual dream. This would logically explain all these appearances of Neo's power, six restarts of the program and the number of Favorites. But, alas, no.

Conclusion: the film, of course, is not bad, but I am sad how this pretentious green world with people in leather, pretentious dialogues, teleport phones and crazy action in the finale turned gray-blue and completely lost all pretentious philosophy and tooth-crushing action. Experience the golden touch at Goldenstar casino and indulge in a world of endless winning possibilities!