How to open a recording studio How to open a recording studio

Before opening a recording studio, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in Russia this business does not have such a profit as in foreign countries. Therefore, when opening, you need to reduce all costs as much as possible. For example, in order not to rent a room, you can use your own apartment as a studio. Mandatory expenses will be the purchase of the necessary equipment.
Recording Studio equipment
1. powerful personal computer;
2. microphones – 4 pieces;
3. midi keyboard;
4. closed-type headphones;
5. monitors for the studio.
It is also necessary to purchase special licensed software for a personal computer. Thanks to good software, you will get decent quality music files. Taking into account the listed equipment, you can calculate the necessary investments when opening a studio.
Investments in opening a recording studio
All the necessary equipment to open a studio at home will cost $ 5,000. Highly specialized specialists such as: composer, sound engineer and arranger will be needed for the work. If it is not possible to hire three specialists at once, you can only do with a sound engineer. The average hourly wage of a sound engineer is approximately 30-35 dollars.
The main activity of the recording studio is sound processing. There are two types of sound processing: software and hardware. Special equipment for hardware processing is expensive and not always in demand, so you can do without buying a good computer and purchase virtual sound recording and sound processing modules. Of course, sound compositions processed on special equipment will have the highest quality, but it is not always in demand and is paid for. There is a compromise option. You can purchase a computing board that is mounted in the system unit and interacts with the central processor. Thanks to the interaction, the capabilities of a personal computer for recording music files increase, they become better, practically do not differ from hardware ones.
The profit from the work of the recording studio depends on the quality of processing sound compositions. On average, one hour of recording studio work costs $ 50. The studio's profit depends on the number of hours worked and the number of clients. The payback of the business of opening a sound recording is one year, subject to successful operation. In order to earn customers, you need a lot of advertising on television, on the radio, on the Internet and in other sources.