Aviator game for real money | How to play crash game?

Crash Game Aviator

The game Aviator is a new gambling entertainment, which gives an incredible feeling of gameplay. When the round starts, the plane gains altitude and the winning ratio starts to grow. The essence of the game is that the player has to stop the flight before the plane flies away and collect his winnings. In this game you can increase your deposit of 1 000 000 times! That's why the game was in the top of the players' choice.

Crash game Aviator is a March 2020 novelty that created a furor in the world of gambling, attracted the attention of a huge audience of Internet users. The authorship belongs to the Georgian company Spribe, its programmers managed to create a simple by the rules, but surprisingly exciting and profitable game. Provider announces a return percentage of 97% and multiplication factor in the range of 1X-10000X - unprecedented productivity figures for entertainment of similar format. A year later, the game takes the leading positions in the ratings of online casinos and bookmakers, leaving behind many table entertainments.  

Rules of the game Aviator

  1.  Make a bet at the beginning of the round and the coefficient starts to grow while the plane is gaining altitude. 
  2. To make a bet we choose the amount and press the Bet button. 
  3. To stop the plane and fix your winnings press Cashout. Your winning is sum of stake multiplied by the coefficient of cashout.  
  4. You lose your bet, if you do not make the cashout before the plane flies away.  
  5. The odds of each round are the same for all players, since this is a real-time multiplayer online game.

Betting strategy in the game Aviator Spribe

First. A strategy of minimum chance of losing in the Aviator game for money.

This tactic will not bring you super profits in a short period of time, but you can afford to play comfortably, make the minimum number of bad draws and keep your balance.

The basis of this tactic is small odds, to be exact, set your cashout at a value of x1.21 every round (not to try to get in manually, there is an auto-cashout option).

In this case the number of lost rounds will tend to zero, which naturally leads to an increase in your balance.
As you feel confident and gain some experience by systematically increasing your budget, you can move on to bigger bets.
Thus scaling your earnings in the game Aviator Aviator.
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aviator crash games

A high-speed tactic in the crash game Aviator

The tactic brings fast results and is relatively uncomplicated.

In order to develop it, I had to analyze statistics based on the outcomes of a huge number of Aviator game rounds.

In short, it is necessary to close the rounds in the corridor of values 1.1-1.43x.

You can do your analysis based on the history of rounds.

Plane game Aviator reaches these values to 70-80% of bets!

So following this strategy for a long distance, you are sure to have a positive balance of wins to losses, and your bank will only grow!

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