How to decorate the interior with ceramic balls?

If you do not know how to use ceramic balls, you will miss a universal and relatively inexpensive accessory for the decor. Ceramic balls everywhere - in furniture and decorative salons, hobby centers and import stores - and in a wide variety of styles suitable for any decor. They can be exactly the stroke that you need to add freshness and revitalize into your space. Wherever you need a splash of a color or a small number of patterns or textures, think about ceramic bowls.

Put on their own
A number of identical ceramic balls on the fireplace or console are a simple but elegant touch. Sometimes ceramic balls have a flat place or metal manufacturer's tag, which does not allow them to roll. If not, attach a piece of adhesive tape to them for stabilization. Use one ceramic sphere or group of three on the shelf or in a bookcase between books or photographs in the frame. The balls give the color and make items that they share, more interesting. Put the ceramic sphere on a small dressing table or in the corner of the bath, where other accessories are not placed or can be corrupted by water.

Accenting other accessories
To give a more modern view, instead of lamps, insert ceramic balls into the tops of the candlesticks. Such a combination of candlesticks and balls is equally well suited for a formal pair on a dining table or fireplace and for a set of three candlesticks of different heights on a cocktail table or in a closet. Tray or bowl becomes more decorative, if they are filled with ceramic balls that combine in color or drawing. Fill out a simple wooden bowl or tray with various ceramic balls for visual texture. Add ceramic balls among candlesticks to create a spectacular candle landscape.

Exhibited through glass
Fill the lamp of transparent glass with small ceramic balls for individual lighting in the living room, bedroom or sun room. Any large capacity from transparent glass becomes a stunning exhibit if ceramic balls are placed in it. Mix different patterns or colors or different sizes of the same pattern or color according to your decor. Put the container with balls at the end of the rack or bar, on the console, table or large dressing table. Place a collection of multi-colored ceramic balls behind the glass windows of the windows.

In combination with other materials
Like the colors of your living room or family room to the basket for firewood on the fireplace focus, adding several ceramic balls into it. Put one or more in the foliage of the houseplant. Mix a few pieces with real or artificial fruits in a suspended wire basket. In any container ceramic orchees, additional interest adds additional interest to the decoupage or other types of finished orbs. Look for balls, decorated with small globes covered with seeds, beads or mirror tiles.