10 products for healthy hair

When it comes to hair, women are trying to find any methods to bring them health and improve growth. It is important to know that proper nutrition contributes to the restored process of hair structure and hair lows. They are the same as another cell cell, depend on balanced food. However, hair restoration can take a lot of time to first noticeable changes. Nevertheless, if you eat a balanced, diverse, rich food food, which focuses on 10 products described below, you can give your hair everything in what they need and deserve.

1. Salmon. It contains a lot of omega-3 fat, rich in protein and vitamin D, and this is the key to strong hair.

2. Walnuts are kept in themselves a significant amount of vitamin E, biotin and omega-3 fatty acids, which support the protection of your cells from damage.

3. Oysters are rich in protein and zinc, the absence of which negatively affects hair and can lead to their fallout, including eyelashes. Also, zinc can be obtained through special vitaminized porridges and bread from whole cereals, and without a sufficient amount of protein, the body will not be able to replace the hair dropped new.

4. Sweet potatoes are a magnificent key to beta-carotene antioxidants, which the body turns into vitamin A. It also helps protect and produce oils that support the scalp. The absence of vitamin A leads to the appearance of dandruff.

5. Eggs are very rich in protein, and also contain 4 minerals: zinc, sulfur, selenium and iron. The latter is particularly significant because it contributes to the cells to move the oxygen by hair bulbs. If there is too little iron in the human body, it can become one of the main factors of hair loss.

6. Spinach contains iron, beta-carotene, vitamin C and folic acid. It will help the circulation of the skin of the scalp and will keep the hair follicles healthy.

7. Lentils are a very small, but mighty bean plant, which is rich in iron, protein, biotin and zinc.

8. Greek yogurt contains a lot of pure protein, vitamin B5 and D.

9. Blueberries are very rich in vitamin C, which is necessary to support the small blood bridewousists of the head. His absence leads to hair fragility.

10. Bird is rich in protein, vitamins of group B, iron and zinc.

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