YouHolder Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Is YouHolder Safe? – A Detailed Review

YouHolder is a cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform that gives decent interest rates on crypto deposits. It also offers plenty of other benefits, such as short-term loans that users can avail of if they encounter financial emergencies. 

However, what exactly is YouHolder? Moreover, is it safe? Learn everything you need to know about this cryptocurrency platform in this YouHolder review

Key Features of YouHolder

Let’s start by discussing what this platform has to offer. With that said, check out all its essential features below.

  • Good Savings Account

YouHolder offers a good savings account to users looking for a crypto platform that generates decent returns and provides passive income. 

This savings account allows users to earn interest similar to a regular savings account. However, they deposit cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies such as US Dollars.

  • Automatic Interest

Users earn interest automatically when they deposit in their accounts. The payment is also released every week. In addition, they can choose to save their crypto interest in their account and allow the interest to accumulate.

  • Convenient Loans

If a user wants to keep their crypto for a long time but needs money ASAP, YouHolder can assist them in getting fiat money when they pledge their cryptocurrency as collateral. 

By doing this, users can obtain fiat money without selling their cryptocurrency. They can have their crypto again when they complete their loan payment. They are also guaranteed not to miss the bull run if the prices go up. 

  • MultiHODL

The best option for users who want to receive more significant rewards is MultiHODL. This is a state-of-the-art feature that aids users in increasing and maximizing their funds and potential earnings. 

Moreover, they can keep 80% of their savings in their accounts that ensure fixed earnings. For the remaining 20%, they can use it for investments that don’t pose a considerable risk. 

  • Turbocharge

Another unique feature of YouHolder is Turbocharge. This allows users to get loan chains. To earn maximum profits, users can get more cryptocurrencies if they see that there can be a bull run. 

Through Turbocharge, users can use fiat cash for loan payment and buying more cryptos without any commission. Moreover, they can use the cryptos they bought as collateral to make other loans. 

Is It Safe to Use YouHolder?

You can expect all the user-level security features on YouHolder, such as TFA or two-factor authentication. For additional security, users can disable withdrawal from their accounts that contain more than $10,000. 

You can also use a combination of hot and cold wallets to keep your assets at YouHolder. While the exact amount for the platform’s cold wallets isn’t specified, it does come with a Ledger Vault. This means experts are in charge of your assets’ privacy, not by YouHolder. 

Aside from that, these experts encrypt, secure, and manage your private keys, not YouHolder. Moreover, this feature offers a pooled insurance worth $150 million, so you can guarantee you’re well-protected if you fall victim to theft or fraud.

Of course, if there’s an exchange failure, your funds won’t be covered by this insurance. This is because the FDIC insurance protection from bank failure doesn’t cover cryptocurrency platforms. 

Lastly, you should also know that YouHolder is a member of different organizations, such as the Blockchain Association, that offer dispute settlement, which can come in handy if you encounter issues.

Pros and Cons of YouHolder

Here’s a quick summary of YouHolder’s pros and cons to help you better understand what it has to offer.


  • It has excellent security to keep your crypto safe.
  • You get reliable insurance for up to $150 million.
  • It has many exclusive features such as Turbocharge and Multi HODL, which you will not see on many crypto platforms.
  • There is 90% LTV or loan-to-value that you can use as collateral.
  • You enjoy Flexible terms such as increasing the period of your loans anytime.
  • You can enjoy excellent and stable coin interests.


  • The platform was launched in 2018, making it fairly new compared to other platforms.
  • The only currencies you can get your loans are in BTC, EUR, USD, and GBP, and it depends on the currencies you used as your collateral


Finally, you have a better understanding of what YouHolder is. It’s an excellent cryptocurrency platform that offers many features that crypto users can enjoy. 

This platform is recommended for users who want to gain interest rather than storing their cryptocurrencies idly in their wallets. Aside from that, users who wish to avail a short-term loan for their needed cash flow can benefit the most from this platform.