Looking for a Boring Job. Don’t Apply Here!

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Seth Gold being photographed for “The Wall Street Journal.”

Inside American Jewelry and Loan

Like most of the state and across the nation, hiring is a challenge. And, not unlike almost every business with a help wanted sign in the window, American Jewelry and Loan is also offering a sign-on bonus to attract new employees. These challenges aren’t unusual for Detroit. In fact, Seth Gold recently sat down to talk with The Wall Street Journal on just this subject. The connection? The labor market is tight- regardless of the business you’re in. Read the full article here >

So, at a time when businesses are fighting to attract (and retain) good employees with incentives and more, why would someone choose to work at American Jewelry and Loan?


  • Hustle Over Experience is Rewarded. If you have the hustle and willingness to learn, this is the perfect place for you. Just look to Les Gold and his success. The self-proclaimed street-level economist built his career with grit and hard work.
  • Handle ‘The Goods.’ Where else can you test electronics, price luxury handbags, sell diamonds and gold, and evaluate the value of historic memorabilia? You won’t be doing this (and more) at a traditional retailer.
  • Brush with Fame. Sure, Les and Seth Gold are famous for their popular reality show, Hardcore Pawn. But did you know that celebrities are often sighted at American Jewelry and Loan? Don’t be surprised when you see local and international personalities in-store.
  • Tales to Tell. While many go to their job and perform the same tasks, go to the same meetings, and do the same work, day after day, this is not the case at American Jewelry and Loan. Every day is a new day and a new experience. With this intriguing job, everyone will always want to know what it’s like to work at a world-famous pawn shop. And that’s exactly why we have team members in each area of the business celebrating 26, 30, and even 34 years of service with us!

If you’re looking for a unique career with long-term opportunities, consider American Jewelry and Loan.

Now hiring in Detroit, Pontiac, Southgate, and Lincoln Park!

Apply Online:  www.pawndetroit.com/jobs