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Trade Your Gold for Gifts (and Green)!

Trade Your Gold for Gifts (and Green)!

A Holiday Sonnet

Your broken rings, earrings, bracelets, and more.
Find the jewelry you no longer love to wear.
Then, get to any American Jewelry and Loan store.
Flip your baubles for gifts or green with our expert care!


When you’re feeling the pinch of higher prices on, well everything, we’re here to help! Bring in your gold jewelry and we’ll give you cash in minutes. This extra cash can help with everyday expenses. Or, use it to shop for great holiday gifts!

Is it a good time to sell my gold? Yes!

The value of gold historically increases when the economy is uncertain or strained. Like the early days of Covid, the value of gold is increasing. In fact, it’s currently at one of the highest values yet. So, if you’re considering cashing in your gold for cash for anything from paying bills, shopping at the grocery store, filling up your tank, or holiday shopping… it’s absolutely a great time to do so!

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