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Big Benefits You Simply Can’t Pass Up

The Benefits of Buying Jewelry from American Jewelry and Loan

You should put American Jewelry and Loan at the top of our list when it comes to buying jewelry. Why? Simply put- we offer many benefits that traditional jewelry stores cannot. When you shop with American Jewelry and Loan, you can expect:

  • Affordable Prices: Our vast selection of jewelry paired with competitive prices is a dream for any jewelry shopper. Simply put, shoppers can find high-quality pieces at a fraction of the cost of traditional jewelry stores.
  • Unique Selection: Purchase a unique style or create your own with our on-site jeweler. With so many options, this means that shoppers can find unique pieces that suit their individual style.
  • Expert Advice: American Jewelry and Loan is a staple of the community. This family business is experienced and knowledgeable with staff who helps shoppers find the perfect piece of jewelry to suit their needs and budget. They provide valuable insights into the quality and value of the jewelry and even offer guidance on jewelry care and maintenance.
  • Financing Options: Love that piece that’s a little out of your budget? No problem! Simply put it into our no-fee layaway plan. We’re experts in helping customers afford more- and making it easier to purchase.

Shop like savvy and smart shoppers. Shop high-quality jewelry at American Jewelry and Loan. It’s the smart move for those looking for affordable and unique pieces with help from our experienced staff.

Pawn Monday-Saturday, 9:30 am- 6 pm.

Visit American Jewelry and Loan: Detroit, Hazel Park, Pontiac, Lincoln Park, and Southgate.