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The patriarch of the Gold family is a New York Times Bestselling Author and Speaker who shares business wisdom from a pawnbroker all over the world. Choose one of these options to learn more about Les or to see his favorite picks in our shop!

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Named 'Pawnbroker of the Year' by his Peers, Seth is known for bringing a new and edgy approach to pawnbroking. Choose one of these options to learn more about Seth or to find out what he likes most at AJL!

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GoldTone Podcast
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GoldTone Podcast

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From business to sports to family, Gold Tone is a podcast that shares perspectives on a variety of topics from one of the world’s most highly recognized pawnbrokers, Seth Gold alongside Detroit native, Dan Leach. As the 2013 Pawnbroker of the Year and one of the stars of truTV’s top show Hardcore Pawn, Seth knows the ins-and-outs of the business world while Dan has hosted nationally syndicated shows on Sports Byline USA and SiriusXM.

Bringing Seth and Dan together with new guests every week, listeners can always expect lively, informative, and interactive conversations to keep them on their feet. Visit for more information or tune in on the podcast platform.