Why does the registration process take so long?

When you want to play at a casino you want to be able to gamble as soon as possible, but before you can you have to register at the casino. In the Netherlands, this registration process takes a long time. It is certainly not fast or efficient. You have to fill in a lot of data and you spend a lot of time verifying the data. But how is it possible that the registration process takes so long here, while in other countries you can get started right away?

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The main reasons for the long registration process at the legal Dutch casinos are the gaming authority and legal obligations. So the online casinos themselves can't do much about it.

The Netherlands Gaming Authority and their mission

The objective that the Chancellor's Office has set for itself is the cause of many fill-in-the-blank fields during registration. The mission is as follows:

"We strive for a world where games of chance are reliable and providers are transparent. The player is protected. The game is fair and the odds of winning are clear. There are no gambling addicts and no illegal practices".

Protecting the player and wanting to ensure that there are no gambling addicts are important aspects. The Gaming Act is also designed to protect the player. One of the ways to ensure protection is through an extensive registration process reported https://teenpatti3.in/.

In the registration process, you are required to leave various personal details and then verify them. The registration process is a careful process to determine if you are who you say you are and if you have any existing gambling problems. During the registration process, for example, it may emerge that you are listed in the Central Register of Exclusion of Gambling or CRUKS. If this is the case you cannot create an account and you cannot gamble. In addition to filling in personal details, you will also be confronted with the issue of responsible gambling. Before you start gambling you have to indicate your limits. This is also a way for the Gaming Authority to protect the player.

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Legal obligation

The mission of the Chancellor's Office is translated into the law. As written, the law is set up to protect the player and the online casino should take this seriously as well. Although the casinos most likely want shorter registrations, this simply cannot be done. This is because they are required by law to go through the steps. At the time the casinos applied for a license several requirements had to be met. The casino is therefore obliged to check your identity. They are required to know who you are, where you live, and what nationality you are. This ensures that minors cannot play and that you are not registered in the CRUKS. Do they not do this? Then they will lose their license.


In the Netherlands, it is not the case that you create an account and just start playing. Before you can play your first game, you have to go through a long registration process. This long registration process is there to protect you as a player, although it may not feel like it. By asking for and verifying the many details the casinos are fulfilling their legal obligation and the mission of the gaming authority is being upheld. Either way, the registration process is there for you, whether you want it or not.