Tips to Find a Job in 2022

How to look for a job, when there aren't enough of them?

The job market will never be the same again. 

What is the right way to look for a job in the new environment? How do I write a ted talk resume? There are lot's of questions that stand out when it comes to how to find a new job

The pandemic has meant that there are more available hands in many areas than there are vacancies, and you have to compete with many other job seekers for a job. Here are some tips on how to look for a job more effectively in difficult times.

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Assess the prospects for your industry and specialty

Watch the rate at which your field is recovering from the coronary crisis, and study the forecasts and opinions of experts. If the industry in which you worked is recovering too slowly, and you can't expect rapid improvement, try to look for a job in a related or even completely different field - surely your skills can be applied elsewhere.


Some of the most stable fields today are medicine, pharmaceuticals and FMCG (primarily food), as well as information technology and writing business. Delivery specialists - couriers and sorters - are needed more than ever. Even new exotic professions are appearing, such as online nannies and organizers of virtual business tours.  A career can be built anywhere


Practice interviewing online


Interviews and meetings in Skype or Zoom were not common before the pandemic, but now more and more people work and conduct business meetings remotely. This will remain the norm after the pandemic, so it's important to know the rules of online interviewing:


  • Check your tech. Make sure the Internet, camera and microphone are working well. If you haven't used Zoom or Skype before the meeting, learn how these programs work so you don't get distracted by technicalities.
  • Clean up your appearance. Clothing, hair, and makeup shouldn't overpower you, so think about the look. A tailcoat and bowtie is too much, but a light shirt with a jacket or dress is a good option.
  • Take care of a relaxed environment. If you have children or pets, ask loved ones to babysit them so you won't be distracted by anything.
  • Be aware of your background. Lighting, foreshortening, and background play an important role. Going online from the bathroom is not a good idea, even if the Internet in this part of the apartment has the best signal. The atmosphere should set a working mood, so we advise to sit at a table, move closer to the window or turn on the light.
  • Reread the invitation to the meeting. It usually says who will conduct the interview. This may be the director, recruiter, or other professional. To avoid awkward situations and not to get the name wrong, remember who you will be talking to.


Get your digital skills up to speed


Online job interviews are just the tip of the iceberg: digital literacy and cloud-based problem-solving skills are becoming increasingly important.

get your skills up to speed

Find out what programs are most commonly used by people in your industry or field where you want to find a job. If you see that you have fallen behind, take the time to brush up on your digital skills, especially if you plan to work remotely or are looking for work in the digital field. There's plenty of material online to help you, from free YouTube videos to paid training courses.

Work on your resume


For employers to favor you, your resume needs to stand out from the dozens of others. Here are a few ways to make it happen:


  • Find and highlight your competitive advantages. It can be a good education, a positive recommendation or a significant achievement in the past place of work. Show yourself to be a professional.
  • Take a good picture. Dress neatly and ask loved ones to take a picture of you against a neutral background. Don't forget to smile and remember that your face should be visible.
  • Write your resume individually for each job opportunity. Highlight exactly the experience that fits the requirements.
  • Think about how to pitch your skills favorably. Don't write that you are "communicative" and "stress-resistant," rather tell how these traits have helped in difficult situations. For example, the employee responsible for the project fell ill, but you did not lose heart, took control and did not allow the deadlines to be disrupted.
  • Show figures. Talk about achievements, backing up the words with facts, such as "increased conversion rate from 30% to 80%.
  • Don't make your resume look like a bot-beating resume
  • Eliminate redundancies. Recruiters review a couple hundred resumes a day. Help them out and put all the information on one page, two pages at most.
  • Before sending in your job application - double-check everything several times.
  • If you are willing to work remotely, indicate that. Remote work has become a hot topic for many companies, so it won't hurt to emphasize your willingness to adapt to working out of the office.


By complying with all of these requirements, you will be more likely to have a successful land an interview and employers will be more likely to hire you for their firm. As a last resort, contact a career advice expert. Maybe you should take career resources.