The best movies featuring Anne Hathaway on Soap2Day

Anne Hathaway is a Hollywood actress who appears in a wide variety of projects. Her filmography includes both entertainment and auteur movies, romantic comedies, dramas, musicals and much more. During her career, Hathaway has managed to star in many quality pictures.

The best movies featuring Anne Hathaway on Soap2Day


Scientists go on a space journey to find a new planet to inhabit.

Christopher Nolan's sci-fi drama, was not released first on Soap2Day, but highly praised by audiences and critics. In the large-scale picture, the difficulties of space travel and temporal paradoxes are intertwined with the conflicts of fathers and children that are near and understandable to the viewer. The director raises questions about whether one should make sacrifices for the sake of a great goal, how one should treat his home planet and what is more important, family or duty. The philosophical message is framed by stunning special effects and technical execution.

"The Dark Knight Rises"

Bruce Wayne is forced to don the Batman costume again because of the villain that threatens Gotham.

The final installment of Nolan's Batman trilogy showcases the superhero's new confrontation with evil. Anne Hathaway played Catwoman, the central character's assistant, in this film. The film is an interweaving of action and drama, where the philosophical messages conveyed by the authors are combined with spectacular scenes of chases, fights and explosions. The final chapter set the stage for the story of Batman, played by Christian Bale. Viewers got a visually worthy spectacle, a clever for a superhero movie philosophy that no one has dared to do before, and a solid finale for the main character.

"Becoming Jane"

The story of the life of a great writer who must choose between love and material prosperity.

"Jane Austen," with Anne Hathaway in the title role, is first and foremost a movie about the fate of a woman in the eighteenth century. The picture raises the issues of gender discrimination, the ability of women to create as well as men and have the right to recognition. Social problems are presented in the film through the touching love line of two people who try to link their destinies in spite of the plight of both.

"The Devil Wears Prada"

A girl fresh out of university takes a job at a fashion magazine and tries to blend in with the local contingent.

A comedy about the ruthless world of fashion that draws a distant journalist into it. Despite the series of funny events, the picture also has room for drama. It allows the viewer to decide what is more important, career or personal life, what can be sacrificed and what not, how to treat colleagues, is it worth changing your inner self to fit in with those around you. Besides the plot, there is brilliant acting by E. Hathaway, M. Streep and E. Blunt, stylish set and costume design and appropriate musical accompaniment.

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