Random Number Generators, cracking it and always fair or not?

If you have ever played a casino game, then you have come into contact with it: Random Number Generators, also called RNG. A Random Number Generator randomly chooses one or more numbers and each number has an equal chance of being chosen. Suppose you are playing a card game online or on a machine at the casino. Then a card will be chosen at random and it is impossible to know which card it will be. Or if you're playing on a slot machine, a Random Number Generator is used to randomly choose one or more outcomes. But is this really the fairest way?

The reason casino games use Random Number Generators is to prevent you, the player, from knowing which symbols you will spin or which card will be drawn during a game of blackjack, for example. With a Random Number Generator you don't have to worry about the dealer cheating... because a computer is always honest, right?

Reliability and Randomness

Currently, a Random Number Generator is not completely random, this is because software must always have certain algorithms. An algorithm is a way a computer reaches a certain answer or in this case a certain number. Technically speaking, you, as a player, could figure out this algorithm and thus always know which card or symbol is chosen. You can also see it as a mathematical formula. The computer uses this formula to determine which number will be chosen.

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But, to find out about this algorithm or mathematical formula? It is not that easy.

Cracking the algorithm of an RNG? Tricky...

First of all you could try to create a computer program that will check for you which algorithm the casino uses. But such a computer program would have to run millions of times to perhaps find the algorithm. There is no guarantee that the computer will actually find the algorithm. So should you have the time and money to have a computer try a game million times? Then it might be possible to crack the Random Number Generator.

Secondly, this so-called algorithm is different for each site. Each casino that uses Random Number Generators also uses a different algorithm to make these Random Number Generators work. So imagine; you just spent all the time and money in cracking an algorithm and you get discovered, then you have to do all that work again at another casino, reported https://aolbroadband.in/.

And suppose you do manage to figure out the algorithm; then casinos also have their own security. This security is designed to detect if someone is cheating. So the chances are very high, that even the moment you managed to crack the algorithm; you will be discovered immediately. Fraudsters will not be paid out their winnings. So you will also lose all your money. This is always stated in the terms and conditions of online casinos (read our extensive blog articles about this here).

Newest methods for even more fairness guarantee

There is a new development in the field of Random Number generators, namely a hardware Random Number Generator. Such a hardware Random Number Generator is actually a Random Number Generator that is located at a location. At this location, this Random Number Generator will then also look at its environment. For example, a hardware generator at this location can also measure the temperature or the amount of a certain substance in the air. The results of this measurement are then converted into numbers. These numbers are always random. For example the amount of a certain substance in the air constantly fluctuates. This makes the Random Number Generator even more reliable and more difficult to crack as a player. You as a player have no idea where this hardware Random Number Generator is located.

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All in all, it can be said that Random Number Generators are often (always) honest and well secured. But what about the casinos themselves? Can they be trusted?

Reliability of casinos: keep watching!

A casino itself could also be cheating. Technically speaking, a casino could alter its own algorithm in such a way that you, the player, would never be able to win. This would, of course, be a considerable breach of trust and, if it came to that, would lead to (administrative) prosecution. But still... This shows again that it's very important to play at a casino that is trustworthy. Always check if a casino can be trusted, because that's the best way to know if your money is safe!