Play smarter - lose less

The odds are against you when you play at a casino, depending on the game, the casino has a 65-99% chance of keeping your bet. That doesn't mean you can't win, but you have to play smart to succeed. As always - always make sure you can afford to fail.

The worse the odds, the bigger the win is usually said, but this is not always the case at a casino, often the equivalent of the bet is what you win back at the casino. Winning your bet back is not something that will make you rich, but it will at least give you another chance to win big. To have a chance of actually finishing a game with a plus in your account, you need to be tactical, have a keen eye and take advantage of the bonus offers that suit you.

Playing at a casino without a Swedish licence

At Swedish casinos, it's hard to manage to win big, thanks to the Swedish gaming law. The law, which applies to all companies with a Swedish gaming license, severely limits what they can offer their players. What affects your chances of winning the most at these casinos is the lack of bonuses and that the maximum amount you can play for is severely limited.

This has caused many high rollers to be drawn to to increase their odds of winning. There are many casinos to choose from out there on the market and it's a matter of strategically choosing one that increases your chances of winning.


Type of casino games

The type of casino game that you should bet on depends a little on your experience. The easiest and most random games are slot games, where anything can happen at any time. Make sure to play at a casino that discloses the RTP and volatility of the games on their site. This is because the same game can have different win rates on different sites, which not everyone is aware of.

Instead, if you go for the table games, you can influence the chances of winning to some extent. In order to control the odds, you need to be skilled at the game you choose to play and to have a good strategy.

Find your strategy

Making a budget for your gambling account is great, but there's more to be done when it comes to your gambling strategy. If you're playing table games, you're more likely to win if you're aware of your opponents' habits - and habits. Certain times of the day are usually good to pinpoint. Beginners tend to try out a certain time of day, and some people find it good to play a little after a pub crawl.

Bonuses - check the terms and conditions

The bonuses you receive should be good, make sure you keep track of the wagering requirements and how long you have to play the bonus for. The very best are of course bonuses with no wagering requirements, but they are so rare that they are hard to count on. Review bonus offers thoroughly and choose them carefully so that you are not faced with a lot of requirements that reduce your chances of winning!

No deposit required bonuses are a fairly common welcome bonus that you will accept. The wagering requirements are often sky-high on these, but if you don't win on the bonus, you can choose to close your account there and move to another casino. This way, you've played for free!

Record your wins and losses
It's important to keep track of where you have accounts, where you've closed your accounts and, not least, how much you've played for.

The best way to keep track is to have an Excel sheet with the different elements on it, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. The only way to keep track of how you're actually doing is by compiling the different rounds of play. If you don't have an extremely good memory, you have no chance of keeping track. No track means loss! Maybe even a bigger loss than you can afford, which is a good start to a bad spiral.

Spread the risks

Since casino gambling is a game based on luck and it's hard to increase the odds significantly, the safest thing to do is spread the risk. Play small and play big and you're more likely to come across a win, a bit like casting a net rather than fishing with a line. You might not get the big win, but a couple of medium-sized wins might make up for it.

Going all in can pay off if you're sitting on an insanely nice hand in poker, but in other games it usually involves far too much risk to be worth it.

Don't overstep your limits - play responsibly and don't forget to have fun!