(Review of the game Space Rangers: Quest)

Space Rangers: Quest was the first game in this series for a long time, but the expectations of the fans were not justified, they were trampled into the mud.
A new game about rangers is a text quest. In the previous games of the series, this gameplay element was presented as a third–party entertainment, here the whole game consists of it, and this is one of its biggest disadvantages.
The canvases of text that the player must read before getting access to some kind of action option will certainly discourage even the most devoted fans from playing it. And despite the fact that the text in the game is the basis of the gameplay, it is written just disgusting.
The creators of Space Rangers: Quest tried to dilute the dialogues with jokes. But it would be better if they didn't. The level of humor is so low that even Yevgeny Petrosyan, along with Regina Dubovitskaya, would have thrown up their hands in bewilderment.
The structure of many missions is at the same level. Piling up a bunch of conventions, most of which are absolutely not justified by anything, first of all makes it difficult to pass, instead of making it more interesting.
And this despite the fact that there are now a huge number of quite decent text quests. Take at least Vespers or 80 Days – in these games, all the elements that are disgusting in Space Rangers: Quest are made at a decent level, these games can drag on for many hours no worse than high-budget blockbusters. Space Rangers: Quest will not attract players either thanks to a well-known name, or even more so, due to some original gameplay solutions. Fans of this genre with much greater pleasure will once again pass the conditional Sorcery! or Analog: A Hate Story, rather than a new game in the once glorious game series.
It is not easy to find arguments in favor of purchasing this game. Unless the musical accompaniment does not cause negative emotions. From time to time, you can find some not-quite-hideously drawn elements in the game, but they look more like exceptions to the rules. But, by and large, these small glimmers of hope do not affect the overall impression of the game in any way. She's terrible. Space Rangers: Quest is a real spit in the direction of fans of this series of games. It's interesting that even those people for whom text quests from the original game were one of the favorite components of the game will not find anything attractive in the new game. Outright hack work, which has no place in the game library of a self-respecting gamer. A game that is not worth spending any money or time on. skylines.ru