How to write a graduate student's abstract?

The postgraduate abstract is a work that is especially important for students. Without it, it is impossible to prepare for PhD exams. Clarity, clarity and quality of presentation of thoughts in the abstract - all this will be evaluated by the members of the special commission. And it is important that the work meets certain requirements. Therefore, to write a postgraduate essay, you need to carefully prepare for it, read the methodology and consult with the supervisor.

Why is it necessary to write a postgraduate thesis?

Postgraduate essay - an indicator of the level of training of a future specialist. He will have to write it every student who wants to enter graduate school. Thanks to this work, the members of the commission can understand how intellectually developed the student is, which in the future will certainly affect the results of examinations. When evaluating the essay teachers will pay attention to several parameters:

  • The student's theoretical background, his "immersion" in the given topic;
  • Ability to work with a large amount of literature and scientific sources;
  • The ability to think logically, systematize and process information.

Despite the fact that you can find a ready-made example of a graduate student essay on the Internet, you cannot rely only on it. Because each university may be its own rules of registration.

If the student has previously performed a similar work, corresponding to the rules and requirements of the university, the essay will not have to pass. But it is recommended to clarify this point in advance with the curator or the dean's office.

What requirements must the abstract meet?

All abstracts of students wishing to enter graduate school, must comply with the building requirements of the university, which concerns even the design, not only the structure. It is about the following:

  • The indent between paragraphs is one cm;
  • Indent for upper and lower margins - two cm, left - three cm, right - one and a half cm;
  • The text should be aligned to the width of the page;
  • Font Times New Roman 14 size with a line spacing of one and a half cm.

As for the structure, it is necessary that it includes the following sections: content, abstract, introduction, main section, conclusion, list of references, appendices.

What should be the structure of the paper?

The structure of the postgraduate abstract is not particularly different from the standard one. Because it is necessarily present:

  • The title page. An example of the title page of the abstract with the correct design can be downloaded from the Internet.
  • Introduction. Here it is necessary to enter the name of the topic and justify its relevance to the modern world.
  • The main part. Here you should briefly describe the sources used and provide justification for the degree of importance of the problem. It is necessary to systematize the data obtained, give them a logical assessment, offer their own options for solving the problem. It is not enough just to describe the issue or problem. It is important to study the works and results of other scientists who have conducted research on this issue, as well as to outline your position.
  • Conclusion. This section should describe the methods of future research, give their assessment, tell about possible perspectives.
  • References. It is important that it should include at least 15-20 sources that were used in writing. They should be arranged in alphabetical order. At the same time the authors of their work, especially scientific articles from peer-reviewed sources are indicated. It is necessary to use only current sources, which are no more than three to five years old.
  • Appendices. This is not the most important part, so applications are attached as needed. It is important that they correspond to the topic of the study.

To make it easier to write a postgraduate abstract, it is worth making a small plan with a description of the main theses. After that, you can proceed to the selection of sources, systematization and analysis of information from them.

Difficult to figure out on your own?

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Recommendations for writing a graduate student paper

Since the postgraduate essay has special requirements, the future student has no right to make a mistake. Therefore, it is important to follow a few recommendations:

  • Make sure that the topic you choose is appropriate or at least not particularly different from the topic of your future dissertation.
  • Make sure that the issues described in the paper are relevant, whether they are among your research interests, whether there is scientific novelty in them.
  • Present the data in a scientific style, avoiding phraseology, lyrical digressions, and "watery" expressions.
  • Double-check the text for grammatical, spelling, and stylistic errors several times.
  • Use only proven, reliable and up-to-date sources of literature.
  • And most importantly, do not procrastinate in writing your essay. If the work is done in a hurry, in the last days before handing in, there is a risk of making serious mistakes that can affect the results of future examinations.