Different types of sports betting

You like to gamble, you will be served. Indeed, bookmakers offer quite a wide range of sports betting on anything and everything. From single bets to combined bets to live bets, everything is good for making money. Let's tell you all about the types of sports betting!

The classic bet: 1N2, the "safest"!

This is a bet that stands at the head of all sporting events, where there can be a winner, a loser or a draw. This type of bet is available on soccer, rugby and handball matches in particular. On the other hand, forget about 1N2 for tennis, swimming or volleyball.

An example of a classic 1N2 bet:

The order is important and is always entered in the following format: 1 = home team, N = draw, 2 = visitors.

For example, the odds for Nice are 2.30, Ajax Amsterdam is 2.65 and the draw rating is 2.95. If you bet 10 euros on Nice, your approximate payout would be 23 euros. in fact, you would make a profit of 13 euros, since you would have to deduct the initial bet, i.e. 10 euros, from your profit.

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Combined bet: more winnings, because more risks!

On online sports prediction platforms, you have the opportunity to improve your ranking by betting on several matches simultaneously. The coasts between them are multiplied, but the selected events are more or less related. You can make what is called a combined bet or three combined results. If any of them are wrong, you lose your bet. Combination bets are one of the most famous types of sports betting.

Different categories of sports betting

There are many more original categories on top of each other that you can play online. Among them, the main one remains the result at the end of the match, just like in the previous example.

However, bookmakers allow betting on other criteria, such as:

  • Qualification of such a team in the case of a cup match
  • Total number of goals per game
  • Final score
  • Ball gap between the two teams
  • Winner at halftime / at the end of the match
  • Number of home/away goals
  • Authors of goals: scorer of the first / last goal
  • Goals: which team will score first / last

Betting on certain elements of the match often increases the odds. However, who says that more coast means more risk, otherwise it would be too easy!