Alcoholic beverages. We cook ourselves.

In many families there is a tradition to gather at the weekend with friends or relatives at the table, with a glass of hot drink. It's much nicer when it's cooked with your own hands. At the moment, recipes for alcoholic beverages at home can be found quite easily. Some of them can be found here.Homemade wine 1. Wine from jam Prepare the dishes (jar, bottle) in which the wine will be infused. Put jam in it and fill it with water. Moreover, there should be less water than jam. Add some fresh berries, for example, cherries, currants, cranberries. This will speed up the fermentation process. Pull a rubber glove over the vessel. Put it in a dark place for a month, periodically checking the glove. After 30 days, the wine is ready for use.2. Grape wine Separate the grapes from the bunch. Place them in a plate and carefully press them until they are mashed. Then you heat it up on a very low heat and 60 degrees. When the gruel cools down, squeeze the juice out of it. Add water and sugar to taste. Pour into a jar and do the procedure with a glove (as in the previous recipe). In two months, the wine is ready.If you put a few cherry leaves, the taste will be completely different, but no less interesting.3. Dandelion wine 100 dandelion flowers should be poured with boiling water and left for a day. After 24 hours, the inflorescences need to be squeezed out and thrown away. Add 1 kilogram of sugar diluted in 0.5 liters of water and two small spoons of citric acid to the resulting infusion. Mix and add 10 grams of raisins. Put in a warm place for two days. Then you should do the procedure with a glove. Only in it you need to cut off one finger, and attach a rubber tube in its place. And put the end of it in a glass of water. After a month, you can enjoy the great taste of healthy wine.Homemade cocktails 1. Prepare the mojito in a glass, from which you will then drink it.Tear a few mint leaves finely with your hands, put them on the bottom of the glass, and rub with a spoon. Add a little lemon juice and sugar syrup. Mix everything together. Put ice and pour rum. You can drop a soda. Garnish with a sprig of mint.2. Moisten the bloody mary of the glass with water and dip in salt.Pour tomato juice (more than half a glass) and pour vodka in a thin stream (you can spoon it). The cocktail is ready.3. A very simple cocktail in a glass, mix vodka with sprite (the proportions depend on your desire). Drink through a straw.Now guests will come to you with great pleasure! The website will help you join the exciting world of online gambling.