Want a great deal? This is the week to check out your local pawn shop!

By January 3, 2012In the News

By Seth Gold

Happy New Year everyone!  First, we want to thank you for helping us end 2011 in Hardcore style!  Nearly 3 million viewers tuned in to see Hardcore Pawn last week. That’s not only our biggest number yet, but the biggest number TruTV has ever seen! Thank you, everyone. We couldn’t have done this without each and every one of you!

The holiday season was crazy here at American Jewelry and Loan. It’s always a busy time, but with 3 million new friends, we had a lot of out of town company!  Even Judge Mathis stopped by!  Did you know he’s from Detroit? Love it when he comes in, but we sure do feel like we’re in his courtroom when he’s here. Before he buys a piece of jewelry, he grills us like we’re on his show!  How many karats are there in that bracelet? How do you know? Will you guarantee it? LOL!  Judge, you have our guarantee! We’ve got our hands full with our own show – we don’t want to end up in front of the bench on yours!

Lots of people were buying holiday gifts and getting their bling out of pawn for New Years Eve. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the lines just before closing on December 31st.  Our customers come in dressed to the nines, top hats and cocktail gowns – to get their rings, Rolexes and fur coats out for the night. The redemption line was out the door! Our pawn inventory decreased by 15% in three days.

But it was the pawn line that wrapped around the building Monday morning – with many of those same customers bringing everything back!

There were also a lot of people selling us gifts they received over the holidays – which brings me to important information for all of you. This is the BEST time for you to be checking out your local pawn shop for deals. (Or pawndetroit.com!)  Customers bring in brand new items that they can’t return because they don’t have gift receipts. We saw a steady stream of ipads and electronics – some great Rolexes.  This is the time to cash in big! Run, do not walk, to your local pawn shop!

We also bought a huge amount of gold. People have noticed that prices are dropping and they’re concerned that the value of gold is going down. We don’t have a crystal ball – so we’re not telling you that this is the time to sell – we’re just saying gold is still selling pretty high – so if you need fast cash – our customers would tell you, they’re taking advantage of it while the taking is good!

In the meantime, did you hear the Queen of Soul (and born and bred Detroiter!) Aretha Franklin is getting married? Her fiancé popped the question without our help. But Aretha, we’re here if you need wedding bands or something special for the big day!  Congratulations to Aretha and to the lucky couple who actually did get engaged at American Jewelry and Loan the day after Christmas!  Nothing says love like proposing on the set of Hardcore Pawn!

Make it a great year everyone! We’re looking forward to hearing about your plans to come visit!  In the meantime, if you got a gift over the holidays that you want to sell, go to our home page and send us a picture of it through “Can I Pawn This?”. We’ll tell you how much we think you can get for it at your local pawn shop!


Judge Mathis came by for the holidays!