Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker

Street smart and hard bargaining, Les Gold spent the last 40 years as a Detroit pawnbroker. He is the star of the blockbuster television show, Hardcore Pawn seen by other 3 million viewers in the US and countless others in countries including Australia, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, and beyond. Their record-breaking show features the daily interactions with customers of their 50,000 square foot American Jewelry and Loan in the heart of Detroit’s 8-mile neighborhood. Les is the author of the New York Times Bestselling book For What It’s Worth – Business Wisdom From a Pawnbroker. His keynote presentations are engaging and his on-stage style is hardcore.

Reinvention is key. Les started in a tiny store where he could barely turn around – years later he has a warehouse. He started as a pawnbroker – now, he’s a television star and author. He shares my same belief that you should always look for ways to change proactively, when times are the best, rather than having change forced upon you or your business.

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How Bad Do You Want It?

Exploring the guts, drive, and persuasion you need to be a 2016 Success Story

In today’s hyper-growth economy and a marketplace where the only thing you can count on is perpetual change, a new approach is needed to get to the top — and stay there. In this interactive and story-filled exploration into the possible, America’s most famous and successful pawnbroker educates audiences with the inspirational lessons critical to achieve greatness. Specifically, Les Gold will teach you how to:

· Overcome the stumbling points that prevent great business leaders from reaching their potential
· Frame your life for the utmost in achievement
· Weigh your priorities like the champions do
· Focus the emotion living inside yourself and others to maximize output and achievement
· Open up possibilities of success in ways previously thought to be unattainable

For What It’s Worth

Becoming a Sales and Negotiation Master… from America’s Master Negotiator

Millions watch in awe every week, and it’s a businessperson’s thrill. Les Gold spent the past 40 years building America’s negotiation powerhouse, and audiences watch with bated breath as he negotiates with incredible mastery. Now, author and ABC Good Morning America contributor Les Gold shares his incredible sales and negotiation wisdom in this lively, hands-on talk. Les thrills audiences with immediately actionable takeaways that show you how to:

· Overcome the mounting hurdles in front anyone wanting to be a top revenue producer
· Discover why even the best salespeople sell their product or service for too few dollars nearly every time
· Take control of the emotional tug-of-war between seller and buyer, and harness all of that emotion for your benefit
· Learn to tackle a $5 million sale like a $5.00 sale
· Master the strategic sales process, and learn why it the process itself is more critical that the actual steps

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