Learn More about the Unusual Bowling Ball Purchased on Hardcore Pawn


On tonight’s episode of Hardcore Pawn, I bought an unusual Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Glove Ball. Viewers may be interested to know a couple of things about this particular model. First, it’s hand signed by Sugar Ray Leonard in addition to the signature that is engraved onto the ball itself. Additionally, as purchased, it has no holes drilled for bowling.

Here’s the description from the manufacturer’s website: “Track’s debut clear polyester ball is encased with a replica of Sugar Ray’s trademark red boxing glove, hand painted with the same methodical attention to detail which Sugar Ray was known for in dispatching his opponents. Each ball comes with his engraved signature! For those hardheaded pins that refuse to fall down with a hook to the jaw, follow it up with a solid straight to the nose to complete a 1-2 knockout punch!”

Check it out:

Visit the manufacturer’s website here: http://trackbowling.com/products/product_detail/sugar_ray_leonard_boxing_glove