KATV Little Rock: iPawn aims to end accidental shootings with free gun locks

By November 22, 2015In the News

friends at iPawn Arkansas responded to a serious tragedy in their town recently and are giving away free gun locks. See the full story below from KATV:

Two children are dead after accidentally shooting themselves this week. On Tuesday, a two year old in Benton died after accidentally shooting himself in the head, according to family. The next day, a six year old in Little Rock accidentally shot and killed himself.

After seeing the news, Mike Willingham with iPawn Arkansas knew something had to be done, and wanted to make sure every Arkansan has no excuse not keep kids from accidentally pulling the trigger.

That’s why iPawn is now giving away free gun locks, indefinitely.

“Once that bullet leaves that gun you can’t bring it back,” Jean Foster, a gun owner and parent, said. This is something he said has been on his mind all week.

“With the recent events happening in Little Rock with little children and accidental shootings, it just really prompted me. It’s something I needed to do,” Foster said. With guns and four kids at home ranging from high school to elementary school age. Foster knew he needed to prevent his kids from being able to pull the trigger. That’s why he took advantage of the deal iPawn released on Friday.

“Why don’t we give away these? We’ve got these, why don’t we give them away? We’re huge advocates of the second amendment and people owning firearms, but theres that safety aspect of it too,” Willingham said. He told Channel 7 if you’ve got five firearms, they’ll give you five locks.

“Theres a balance between protection and safety and so we’re helping provide that balance for free,” Willingham said. They’re aiming to help parents, like Foster, be proactive and prevent accidental shootings.

“Look your children in the eyes and its worth it. It’s worth every bit of it,” Foster said.