Inc. Magazine: 4 Success Secrets From Hardcore Pawn

By April 3, 2015Uncategorized

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The reality television show Hardcore Pawn has been a smash hit since its first day. The program, which follows the Golds as they run their pawn shop American Jewelry & Loan, has been renewed by truTV for six seasons running and has made its leading family famous in the process

However, it turns out that Hardcore Pawn is only the latest in a series of successes that the Gold clan has had over the last few decades. Here’s what you can learn from them.

1. Be open to random opportunities.

When Les Gold and his family decided to put on a promotional event in their front parking lot, they didn’t think much of it. The over-the-top auction, raffle, and money grab machine, were all part of just another day at the office for the American Loan & Jewelry team.

When a producer approached them later that day offering to turn their high-energy lifestyle into a new reality show, they could have easily ignored the request. After all, they already had a thriving business, and being part of a TV program would take a lot of time with no guaranteed return. Yet by agreeing to this left field opportunity, the Golds ended up building an empire.

Follow their lead. Take small chances, even if you don’t know what will come of them. When one of your experiments does start to gather momentum, shift focus in that direction quickly and decisively.

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