Hardcore Date Night For The Men and Women Serving Our Country

By August 29, 2011In the News

By Les Gold

It’s always great to hear from our fans across the country. And now that Hardcore Pawn is airing in the United Kingdom and Australia, every day brings a new surprise, with emails coming in from around the world. But recently, we heard a story that even we can’t believe! We’ve had an Army battalion watching us from……well, we can’t exactly tell you where.

Suellen Slaughter drove up from Fort Hood, Texas (that’s 1347 miles or 12 hours by car!), to tell us about her husband’s battalion. Staff Sergeant Gary Slaughter and more than 500 members of the Army’s 1st Cavalry division have been deployed since Labor Day weekend of 2010 and they’ve been watching Hardcore Pawn from an undisclosed location somewhere in Iraq or Afghanistan. We can’t tell you where, because they can’t tell us!

And if that weren’t cool enough, they’ve actually been watching us while Skyping with their families back home.

It all began when Suellen started sending tapes of Hardcore Pawn to Gary along with care packages of his favorite snacks. She’d DVR the show at home and then they’d set a date night to watch the show together via Skype. Soon Sergeant Slaughter’s roommate got his wife to join Suellen at her home in Ft. Hood. And before long, their double date became a battalion-wide event — with entire families watching Hardcore Pawn from Suellen’s living room and up to 300 husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters in that undisclosed war zone, watching right along with them.

Hearing their story would have been enough for us. It’s completely humbling to think that we can provide even a little bit of laughter for the men and women fighting for our country. But imagine my surprise when Suellen walked into American Jewelry and Loan and “coined” me.  Giving someone a 1st Cavalry coin is a way of saying thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty and the battalion commander asked Suellen to thank us for all we’ve done.

All we’ve done? Wow.

And to top that (as if anything could), Suellen called a few days later to let us know that the battalion had raised a flag in my honor. I know it’s hard to believe, but I hung up from that phone call absolutely speechless.

And then this week, Suellen came back to the store — with her husband Gary — who we’re happy to report is safe, sound and back in the US — and they presented me with the flag.

What an amazing moment.

We’re so glad to hear that the men and women of the Army’s 1st Cavalry Division are back at home with their families. We hope that they’ll all drive up and see us when they get back. It would be an honor to have them at our store.  Maybe we’ll even plan a trip to Fort Hood, to surprise them…..


Staff Sergeant Gary Slaughter Raises A Flag In Honor of Hardcore Pawn!



Les receives the flag that was raised in honor of Hardcore Pawn!



Welcome home Staff Sergeant Gary Slaughter! Thank you, Suellen. We're honored.