Former Red Wing Darren McCarty makes his debut tonight on Hardcore Pawn!

By January 24, 2012In the News

By Seth Gold

For any of you that haven’t heard yet, former Red Wing Darren McCarty has joined the American Jewelry and Loan team! And tonight, you get to see him in action on Hardcore Pawn.

I’ve gotta tell you, the first day he walked in, was one of the coolest days we’ve had since the show began. I’m a BIG sports fan — and a huge Red Wings fan.  But I had to play it cool when I saw him walk in, because just in case all the other huge sports fans in the store didn’t notice him, I wanted to protect his privacy.

But he was cool with everyone knowing he was there. His buddy came in to pawn something — you’ll have to watch tonight to see what it was — but let me just tell you, it’s pretty awesome and you’re gonna want to buy it! (It’ll be in The Vault, right here on

And I’ll admit it right now. I paid a little more than I might have in another situation……cause he was with DARREN McCARTY!!!!

We hung out for awhile and we gave them a tour. This place isn’t that easy to understand, but Darren seemed to catch on to it really quick. He asked all the right questions and seemed intrigued by the answers — which I thought was pretty cool. Cause really, we run a pawn shop. Darren played in the NHL!

Later that night, he sent me a tweet, asking if he could shadow me for the day. Hell yes, Darren McCarty can shadow me for the day! But it ended up being even better than that. Darren wanted to learn the business. So we decided to give him a chance.

Listen, we’re not stupid, we know that Darren has had some issues in the past. We weren’t expecting this to be perfect. But Darren is a big fan of Detroit and we’re big fans of his, so we brought him on board.

So far, there’s only been one problem – he’s WAY too generous with our money!  As you’ll see on tonight’s episode, he’s got a few things to learn!  All we can tell you, is if you want to really cash in, try to pawn something to Darren when Les and I aren’t around!

He’s still got a few things to learn, but so far, it looks like we picked a winner!

If you could work with any celebrity, who would it be?  Post a comment below and tell us who you’d like to see on your team!


Darren makes his debut on Hardcore Pawn!