Flex Tape – Tape it or Leave it?

Rob Wolchek & Detroit businessman Les Gold put Flex Tape to the test on Fox 2 News.

Rob Wolcheck of Fox 2 News Detroit and Les Gold, President of American Jewelry & Loan, investigate a new product called Flex Tape. Will it get “fame” or “shame”? Find out by clicking ‘read more’!

 – Fixing things around the house can be a sticky situation. But now, there’s Flex Tape!

It’s the super sticky rubberized tape so strong, the TV pitchman stages a staggering stunt. He cruises around in a boat that’s been cut in half and stuck together again with Flex Tape.

You probably know Les Gold as the hard bargaining boss from the show “Hardcore Pawn.” But really, he’s just like you and me, always doing repairs around the house. He joins us to put Flex Tape to the test.

And, of course, we put it to the ultimate test — just as the infomercial advertised. We get our own boat, sawed in half, and head out to the lake, ready to tape.

Will this tenacious tape pass the test? Or should we tell the makers of Flex Tape to stick it!?

Will it get “Fame” or “Shame?” Watch as Rob Wolchek puts it to the test in the video player above.

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