Five Minutes of Fame. The Price One Dumb Criminal Paid.

By June 18, 2012In the News

By Seth Gold

You just never know what’s going on in your parking lot. Unless, of course, you’re us – and you’ve got cameras everywhere. News flash to dumb criminals: If you’re hoping to get away with something illegal, American Jewelry and Loan is not the place to try it.

About a month and a half ago, a guy walked into the store. He had a couple hundred dollar bills in his hand and wanted to know if they were real. He’d just sold an Xbox to a guy he’d met through Craig’s List – in our parking lot! And now he wanted to buy an iPad from us – but he had a feeling something wasn’t right.

First clue. If you think something isn’t right – it probably isn’t.

We have a pen that we run over bills that we think are counterfeit. (Doesn’t everyone have one?) And just as we suspected, the bills were fake. The poor guy got taken. Now he doesn’t have an Xbox or an iPad.

A couple days later the Secret Service came in! (They do more than protect the President.) And they told us another guy got taken in our parking lot the night before and that it was happening all over the city.

As it turned out – it was their lucky day. Not so much for the dumb criminal.

Earlier that afternoon, a guy came into the store and was talking up a storm with our producers – something about counterfeit cash. He thought he’d impress them and get his five minutes of fame. He even signed a release form and assured everyone that he’d be back to show them the cash.

We haven’t seen him since. But we’re pretty sure that’s because he’s in jail. When he signed the release form, he included his address. And we were happy to provide that to our new friends at the Secret Service.

So two things we want to share with you:

Don’t screw around in our parking lot.

Don’t sell your stuff to people you meet online. We’re not knocking Craig’s List. We’re just saying you’re better off selling your stuff to a reputable pawn shop. You may not always get exactly the price you had in mind – but we can guarantee, if you come to American Jewelry  and Loan – the cash will be real.

Oh and one last thing. To the dumb criminals that are reading this – five minutes of fame could get you five to ten in the slammer.  Just sayin’.

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