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Red Carpet Watch: Did Les Gold Correctly Forecast the Hottest Oscars Jewelry?

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Last week, Les Gold appeared in local media with some remarkable pieces from the American Jewelry and Loan vault to preview some of the looks that he predicted we’d see on the Oscars Red Carpet.

Click HERE to see the clip and photos of some the pieces that Les shared. Then, compare his predictions with a look at the night’s hottest looks with photos from


ABC Detroit: Oscars-Ready Red Carpet Jewelry

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Les stopped by WXYZ Detroit’s Broadcast House to talk with Alicia Smith about the 2017 Academy Awards and some of the jewelry trends that viewers can look for on the Red Carpet. Check out these pieces from the American Jewelry and Loan vault:




Wishing YOU a Happy Thanksgiving

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American Jewelry and Loan is closed today–Thursday, November 24th, so that our employees may enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. In this season of gratitude, we give thanks for YOU, our faithful customers, fans, and friends.

For four generations, the Gold family has been honored to serve the people of Detroit and beyond. Thank you for doing business with us.

On behalf of everyone at American Jewelry and Loan, we wish each and every one of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Are Beanie Babies Valuable? Les & Seth Gold, SheKnows Experts, discuss.

Bummer, Your Mint-Condition Beanie Babies Probably Aren’t Worth Much

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SheKnows: There are items laying around your home that are worth a lot more money than you think. There are also items you’ve been holding onto for years that are worth a lot less money than you think. At American Jewelry & Loan, every day customers come in with the following items expecting to leave with fistfuls of cash. And every day, we have to turn 95 percent of them away. You probably own some of the following items, but we hope you’re holding onto them for their sentimental value, because memories are all they’ll ever make you rich in.

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Les Gold - Consumer's Digest

Reality-TV Star Goes With What He Knows

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[via Consumer’s Digest]

Les Gold is known for his business savvy when it comes to his Detroit pawn store, American Jewelry and Loan, which is the center of the TV show “Hardcore Pawn.” The cornerstone of the pawn business is to buy low and sell high—a lesson that Gold learned the hard way.

Years ago, Gold’s father-in-law had “the inside track on the price of cattle,” so he and Gold traded in it as well as pork bellies. It didn’t go well.

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Les & Seth Gold talk shop with Arthur KAde on Behind the Velvet Rope

Les and Seth Gold of “Hardcore Pawn” Share the Latest at American Jewelry and Loan

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[via Behind the Velvet Rope with Arthur Kade] Father and son Les and Seth Gold run Detroit’s largest pawn shop and document their daily business on TruTV’s hit reality series Hardcore Pawn. Now, they sit down with Arthur Kade to discuss the latest news at American Jewelry and Loan, their riskiest deal, biggest mistake, thoughts on the presidential race and more.

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Improve your negotiation skills and get the best deal on big purchases

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I’ve spent my entire life as a pawnbroker, so negotiating is something that comes naturally to me. For many people, however, it can be an intimidating process

Studies by Harvard Business School suggest that women can be less likely to drive a hard bargain when negotiating on their behalf. And author Linda Babcock found that when it comes to negotiating, women can be 50 per cent less likely to speak up.

In my own experience, I find that women are just as capable at negotiating as their male counterparts, but if you find you’re more likely to shy away, there are three keys for you to remember to successfully negotiate any deal. Click here for the article at