American Jewelry and Loan Named in Two Categories of Metro Times ‘Best Of’

By March 20, 2013Uncategorized


Best Pawn Shop for Buying

Best Pawn Shop for Selling

American Jewelry

& Loan

20450 Greenfield Rd., Detroit


For the unfamiliar, American Jewelry and Loan, which is nestled in an otherwise unsavory section of northwest Detroit, has the distinction of being a bona fide fan favorite beyond Detroit as the setting for TruTV’s Hardcore Pawn reality show. Run by the Gold family, American Jewelry has the most extensive cache of booty we’ve ever seen in a pawn store. Beyond just guns, gold and one man’s garbage-type trinkets, there are countless display cases with some pretty swanky items; electronics; furniture, and a million other things that have as interesting a history as they are bargain-priced. Don’t be put off by some of the clientele. Security abounds and, frankly, it’s a place you need to visit to appreciate.