Alumni Profile: Seth Gold

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Alumni Profile: Seth Gold


University alum Seth Gold prides himself on his work ethic. He’s a fourth-generation pawnbroker and star of truTV network’s reality show, Hardcore Pawn.

Seth has a lot to show for his hard work: Hardcore Pawn amassed more than two million views for its season premiere, breaking the standing record.

Gold became involved in his family business after graduating from the University in 2003. Originally on the pre-medicine track, he altered his path after graduation to become his father’s business partner at American Jewelry and Loan.

With 10 years of experience, there’s not much that Gold hasn’t seen at the business, which is located on Greenfield Road in Detroit.

At the shop, customers bring in merchandise either to sell or to pawn, which means they obtain a cash loan in exchange for the merchandise as collateral. However, as simple as this process may seem, transactions become heated when customers don’t think they are getting a good deal.

On the show, customers are notorious for their arguments and negotiations. The most ridiculous experience, Gold said, was when a guy tried to pawn a glass eye.

“I popped it out of his head,” Gold said.

Since Gold has always been a self-proclaimed “Michigan guy,” Wolverine memorabilia frequently appears on the show. In the first season a Michigan helmet sat behind him in his office, and Gold still goes to games at the Big House.

Gold said he doesn’t have time for many hobbies. He once tweeted, “Trying this sleep thing. Let’s see how it goes.”