Motor Trend: Seth Gold’s Celebrity Drive

By March 21, 2015Detroit Love

For many in the Motor City, the family business has always meant working at the Big Three. For the Golds, it has meant several generations working at pawnshops. Their store, American Jewelry and Loan, is billed as one of the largest pawnshops in the world and has the motto “Where Detroit Cashes In.” The shop is the subject of TruTV’s hit reality show “Hardcore Pawn.”

But for Seth Gold, who commutes each day on the area’s iconic 8 Mile Road, American automakers are top of mind when it comes to choosing his daily driver. Gold now has a 2015 Ford Expedition, which he rates an eight on a scale of 10, and says it’s an upgrade from his 2014 Expedition.

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Seth Gold Motor Trend

Seth Gold Motor Trend