Hardcore Charity: Golds attend 2013 Wigs 4 Kids Gala

By September 21, 2013from Staff

Wigs 4 Kids helps children who struggle to deal with social acceptance based on physical appearance. By providing custom-fitted, age-appropriate wigs, we help our kids feel better about their appearance and look more like their peers. For several years, the Gold family has been honored to support their efforts.

On September 20, 2013, Les, Seth, and Ashely Gold attended the annual Wigs 4 Kids Gala. This annual event is ‘all about the kids’ and is a highlight of the year for all who attend.  American Jewelry and Loan funded the cash booth which lucky kids were able to jump into and grab cash, gift certificates, and more. It was a hit!

Wigs 4 Kids accepts donations from caring individuals, companies and organizations. Wigs 4 Kids is funded solely on the basis of contributions. Any financial support received presents a greater opportunity to help kids in need of our assistance. Another unique giving opportunity is through hair donations. Learn more about this organization at www.wigs4kids.org