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November 2016


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Santa Claus is coming to Pontiac, Michigan! This special evening begins on Friday, December 9th at Elizabeth Lake Urgent Care in Waterford, Michigan at 5 pm where Santa will greet families and children with candy canes. Then, around 6:30, he’ll make a special stop at American Jewelry and Loan’s Pontiac location to pick up donated items which he’ll then deliver to Oakland Hope at 73 Summit Drive in Pontiac.

“We’ve been collecting items including paper goods, toiletries, and diapers to donate to Oakland Hope and we’re excited that Santa will deliver them for us,” said Les Gold, owner of the iconic pawnshop “he’s probably the only guy busier than me at this time of year.”

“We have made a significant investment into Pontiac, and we’re thrilled to meet fellow business owners like the team from Elizabeth Lake Urgent Care and of course community partners like Oakland Hope,” added Seth Gold “giving back to the community is important to our family, our employees, and our business.”

Both American Jewelry and Loan and Elizabeth Lake Urgent Care have been collecting items to benefit Oakland Hope. “The need in this area is great, particularly at this time of year,” said Norma Okonski, Executive Director. “We look forward to Santa’s special visit and look forward to this opportunity to welcome the community to our new facility.”


American Jewelry and Loan–Celebrate the Season of Giving

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American Jewelry and Loan is committed to the communities we serve. As you may know, we have a proud history of supporting community partners in the cities where our stores are located, including the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy.

At our Hazel Park location, we’re collecting NEW hats, gloves, mittens, and other winter gear for Hazel Park Schools.

At our Pontiac location, we are collecting new unopened personal hygiene products such as shampoo, baby wipes, soap, etc. to benefit Oakland Hope.

We’ll be collecting these items throughout the holiday season and beyond. Your contribution can be dropped off during our regular business hours, Monday – Saturday 9:30am until 6pm.


Les Gold to Appear on Food Network’s CHOPPED Season Finale

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Food Network’s hit show ‘Chopped’ is hosting a holiday party with four stars of reality television: Les Gold (Hardcore Pawn), Claudia Jordan (The Real Housewives of Atlanta), Jenni Pulos (Flipping Out) and Karina Smirnoff (Dancing With the Stars). In the first round, the larger-than-life celebs must use an edible wreath and festively-shaped bread. In the second round, the judges are surprised to hear that one of the competitors has never eaten a common green veggie found in the basket. Finally, marshmallow men and holiday cocktails make for a celebratory, unpredictable dessert round.img_0476

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Wishing YOU a Happy Thanksgiving

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American Jewelry and Loan is closed today–Thursday, November 24th, so that our employees may enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. In this season of gratitude, we give thanks for YOU, our faithful customers, fans, and friends.

For four generations, the Gold family has been honored to serve the people of Detroit and beyond. Thank you for doing business with us.

On behalf of everyone at American Jewelry and Loan, we wish each and every one of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Les and Seth Gold chat with the Points Guy to share holiday travel tips.

Holiday Travel? Les and Seth Gold chat with The Points Guy

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[Read the full article at]: Les and Seth Gold, the stars of truTV’s popular show “Hardcore Pawn,” reveal what it’s like to face a stomping, snorting rhino, what to do when you accidentally fly to the wrong Portland and how to book your dream vacation with points and miles.

Got any good packing tips?

Les: We do a lot of three-day events so we learned to take it all in a carry-on. Get toiletries when you land — a lot of those are free at the hotel. Take advantage of that and do all that you can not to slow yourself down.

Are you a points guy?

Seth: Yes. We’re very loyal and that’s how you earn points. Some people like to accrue points with many different cards. Keep it simple. I rack up points and I take trips with my Medallion [status from Delta]. Stay with one card and take advantage, that’s the way to do well with points. Loyalty pays off. You can have the vacation of a lifetime if you use your points and you pay attention.

How often do you fly?

Seth: A couple times a month.

How often do you use your frequent flier miles?

Seth: As much as I can. They may be worth more now than later. What if changes are made and more points are required for a trip a year from now? What if rules change? I look for upgrades with my points.

What’s in your wallet?

Seth: My Delta American Express card.

What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken?

Les: I went to Kruger National Park in South Africa and it’s my favorite trip ever. My wife and I got up at 4:00am to go on safari. It was the most amazing thing seeing animals in their natural habitat. Seeing a cheetah walking in the jungle and a pride of lions was just incredible. The crazy thing is that you’re always in jeopardy when you’re in the animal’s habitat.

What was the scariest situation?

Les: A snorting, stomping rhino was in front of our car with two female rhinos. That was pretty scary.

What did you do?

Les: Our driver backed up very carefully. You never know what can happen when you’re in the wild. You read about what has happened to some tourists on safari. Bad things can happen.

Any travel horror stories?

Seth: I was going to sleepaway camp in Portland, Maine, when I was in the seventh grade and had to catch a flight from Detroit to Chicago, where I made my connection. I was hurried onto a plane with some buddies going to camp. I thought everything was fine until I heard the pilot say we’re crossing the Mississippi River. I thought we were maybe taking a different route due to weather, but when the pilot came on later and said, ‘we’re flying over South Dakota,” I knew we were in real trouble.

What happened?

Seth: We were kids and we just dealt with it. We were treated to dinner and flew back to the right Portland. It was more of an issue for everyone’s parents. It’s an example of how things can go wrong at an airport. If something like that happens to you, just enjoy the experience. You can’t do anything about it.

American Jewelry & Loan Pays More For Designer Handbags, Watches, & Luxury Items.

Cash in YOUR Closet!

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Every day, American Jewelry and Loan helps metro Detroiters get the cash they need for their unwanted gold, jewelry, or other valuables. Still, not everyone is familiar with how a pawnshop works.

Therefore, we’ll be hosting a ‘Cash in Your Closet’ event on Saturday, November 19th so that new customers can bring their items in to our experts for assessment. Consignment can take weeks and selling online can be a hassle — stop by one of our THREE Metro Detroit stores to get the cash you need to fund your holiday shopping list!



Detroit Free Press: TV’s ‘Hardcore Pawn’ holds talk on money-saving tips

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[From Detroit Free Press]: The cable TV reality show “Hardcore Pawn” — located in the heart of Detroit’s 8 Mile — likes to refer to its pawn business as “the working man’s bank.”

“People come in because they don’t have the opportunity to go to the bank and draw money out of their account. They use us to make ends meet,” said Seth Gold, vice president of American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop featured in the show.

“We’re dealing with real people,” he said. “We deal with about 1,000 people everyday.”

Real people with real money woes aren’t sure where to turn when juggling bills. Too often, the easy options only dig you into a deeper hole. But American Jewelry and Loan invited in some nonprofits who serve cash-strapped consumers to offer advice during a “first annual” financial literacy program.

The audience sat in the middle of the pawn shop, not far from the flat-screened TVs, jewelry counters and furs. Speakers represented GreenPath Financial Wellness, Operation HOPE and Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan. 

[Read the full article at]


EO Detroit: In the Boardroom with Les and Seth Gold

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Les and Seth recently hosted Entrepreneurs from EO Detroit to hear their story and tour American Jewelry and Loan’s Detroit store.