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Are Beanie Babies Valuable? Les & Seth Gold, SheKnows Experts, discuss.

Bummer, Your Mint-Condition Beanie Babies Probably Aren’t Worth Much

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SheKnows: There are items laying around your home that are worth a lot more money than you think. There are also items you’ve been holding onto for years that are worth a lot less money than you think. At American Jewelry & Loan, every day customers come in with the following items expecting to leave with fistfuls of cash. And every day, we have to turn 95 percent of them away. You probably own some of the following items, but we hope you’re holding onto them for their sentimental value, because memories are all they’ll ever make you rich in.

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Brandon Steiner: King of Sports Memorabillia

Brandon Steiner: Having What’s Next Mindset Key To Being Successful Entrepreneur

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CBS Sports: My family and I own a pawnshop in Detroit called American Jewelry and Loan. This has given us the distinct opportunity to obtain some of the rarest and unique pieces of sports memorabilia on the market. On our podcast Gold Tone, we try and ask each guest about what they collect, so it was an instant match when we welcomed the CEO of Steiner Sports, Brandon Steiner who’s widely considered the King of Sports Memorabilia.

Steiner had some great business advice and talked with us about the importance of having a ‘What’s Next’ mindset. Steiner says, “In order to be busy and effective you gotta think less about what’s immediately in front of you, but more about what’s ahead for you

“Having a ‘what’s next’ mindset is key to being a successful entrepreneur,”

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Crain’s Cleveland: Pawn shop is the ‘real’ deal

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This article from Crain’s Cleveland features our colleagues from Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop:

Long before most people ever heard of Las Vegas’ Pawn Stars or Detroit’s Hard Core Pawn crew, Lou Tansky was already living what would become a reality show for most of us.

For more than 50 years, he’s been working at Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop in Cleveland, a business his father started in 1947. It’s not that Tansky’s old — he’s just 59 — but he got an early start.

“I have memories of being 6 years old and coming to work with my dad, earning a nickel a day,” Tansky said. “It was more work for my father to have us down there, I’m sure,”

His father, Ben, was just out of the service, having spent more than three years in combat during WWII. He had a $500 GI loan and, coincidentally, an uncle, Sam, who taught him the pawn business at another shop in Cleveland. Ben figured he could make a go of it on his own, and he set up shop at East 49th Street and Payne Avenue, where he did business for 47 years before the store moved to its current, 2,500-square-foot store on St. Clair Avenue.

Ben’s been gone since 1994, but the business remains in Lou’s blood, and he says he still loves going to work every day.

He says there’s lots to like about the pawn business, especially for a history buff like him. It really is true about pawn brokers never knowing what’s going to walk in the door, and on a recent August afternoon, Tansky was showing off some recent prizes, including a validated signature of George Washington. Tansky already had a John Quincy Adams and a James Munroe signature, but this was a first.

Coincidentally, a plaster bust of Washington, removed from a demolished home back in the 1950s, is the oldest resident of Uncle Ben’s Pawn Shop. It still sits in the front of the shop, and the boy who brought it in recently returned as a grown man and laughed when he saw it, Tansky said.

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