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March 2016

The three-ball pawnbroking symbol originated from the Lombard family crest. Male-dominated pawnbroking is actually a great career choice for women

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[Via]: Traditionally considered a male-dominated field, pawnbroking has changed in recent years. While reality shows like ours have certainly impacted the image of the pawnshop, the influence of women in the industry cannot be overlooked. In honor of Women’s History Month, we wanted to take a look at a few who have personified what it means to be a pawnbroker in the modern age and give you some tips on breaking into the business.

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Les Gold purchased Muhammad Ali's robe from his son about 3 years ago.

Fox Sports: How Muhammad Ali’s robe wound up in the ‘Hardcore Pawn’ store

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[via] The landscape of the sports memorabilia industry is always changing, but one thing that never seems to change is people’s desire to own keepsakes connected to their favorite sports heroes.

Whether it’s an autographed ball, game-used gear or personal possessions, fans see these mementos as an intimate connection to sports greatness, and some will go to great lengths to obtain them. Sometimes that means shelling out a lot of cash for a rare or extremely sought-after item, much like the ones that often grace the counters at Les and Seth Gold’s pawn shop, American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit.

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Detroit's Biggest & Baddest Pawn Shop, American Jewelry & Loan, is located in the heart of 8 Mile.

We’re Hiring: Walk-in Interviews

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About American Jewelry and Loan: American Jewelry and Loan sets the industry standard by providing the best pawnbroking experience to anyone that connects with us. We value team members who are: able to think fast on their feet, passionate, hard-working, and proactive. This is a fast-paced workplace which has been the subject of a highly successful television show. This makes it one of the most recognized businesses in the world. But despite its visibility, American Jewelry and Loan still operates like other family-owned businesses every single day.

Currently hiring for positions including:

Sales – Ability to provide top notch customer service while meeting the client’s and company’s needs. Able to work in a fast paced, competitive environment while promoting the company’s mission, vision, and values every day. Current product knowledge with electronics, tools, collectibles, etc. is a plus.

Loans – Able to work in a fast paced environment while providing top notch customer service, meeting customer’s needs, and securing items for the company. Current knowledge of electronics, tools, collectibles, etc is a plus. Ability to resolve conflict by creating a win-win situation.

Jewelry Loans – Able to work in a fast paced environment, while providing top notch customer service, meeting customer’s needs and securing items for the company. Willingness to learn while supporting all management initiatives and providing assistance to peers. Looking for detailed individuals that can multi- task and work with others.

Jewelry Sales – Able to work in a fast paced, dynamic environment that provides countless opportunities for multi-tasking. A basic understanding of jewelry and its properties is a plus. Willing to work in a rewarding, competitive atmosphere while promoting the company’s mission.

Warehouse – Able to work in a fast paced environment, that demands detail and top notch customer service. Able to lift 30lbs and stand for long periods of time. Ability to support management, assist peers, and drive the company’s mission.