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SheKnows: How to shop for staple jewelry pieces for the woman you love — or for yourself

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As we’ve discussed in a previous SheKnows article, buyers should use caution when looking at a jewelry purchase as a financial investment. Still, jewelry is an essential part of any wardrobe and can become a critical piece of your signature style if you know what pieces will hold their style as well as their value.

When buying jewelry essentials, focus on simple styles that can blend with other items in your jewelry box and can accent any dress codes from classy and sophisticated to cocktail attire. People typically think of their wedding set and perhaps a luxury watch first, but after acquiring those items, consider these staple pieces [Read more at]

Detroit News: Rubin–Detroit’s most unlikely tourist attraction

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Fly in from Australia. See the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building and “Phantom of the Opera.”

Next stop: a pawn shop in Detroit.

Micah and Hannah Chiang, a veterinarian and chemical engineering teacher from Perth, had one destination on their itinerary when they veered off to Michigan to visit family — American Jewelry & Loan, at the scenic intersection of Greenfield Road and the Lodge.

Frankenmuth, Mackinac Island, The Henry Ford … and an oversized pawn shop in a former bowling alley near a motel whose online reviews discuss roaches and bedbugs. You won’t see American Jewelry in a Pure Detroit commercial, but maybe you should.

For 162 episodes on truTV, the shop has been the setting for a reality show called “Hardcore Pawn,” in which store founder Les Gold and his two kids make deals with customers, bicker with one another, and occasionally have a bouncer the size of an armored truck escort an unhappy patron to the parking lot.

Come to find out the show is all the rage in Australia, where Hannah Chiang said Thursday that she likes to “see the drama.”

And Italy, where Seth Gold brought 1,000 promotional trinkets to an appearance in Milan and ran out.

And Spain, where according to a Google alert that recently flashed across Les’ screen, “Hardcore Pawn” had climbed to No. 1.

And even South Africa, where Les’ wife turned on the television in their Johannesburg hotel room early last week and heard her husband’s voice.

“I thought you were talking to me,” she told him. Come to find out, he’s practically been talking to the United Nations.

The show’s ninth season ended in April with an episode filmed in March. The Golds don’t know whether they’re being renewed and might not care to be. Speaking cagily, like the professional negotiator he is, Les said only that “people have approached us about other things.”

But reruns live forever and air endlessly, sometimes for hours at a time, and tourists come looking for T-shirts, autographs and maybe a bargain on a diamond ring.

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Michigan Business Network: Seth Gold, of Hard Core Pawn, Shares Lessons in Communication

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Seth Gold has received national acclaim for his family business, American Jewelry and Loan, via the hit TV show “Hard Core Pawn.” However, he says his most significant lessons in communication have been learned directly from talking to customers in the store. He provides advice for anyone in business about how to develop relationships with customers learned after thousands of hours on the floor of America’s most famous pawn shop.

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KATV Little Rock: iPawn aims to end accidental shootings with free gun locks

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friends at iPawn Arkansas responded to a serious tragedy in their town recently and are giving away free gun locks. See the full story below from KATV:

Two children are dead after accidentally shooting themselves this week. On Tuesday, a two year old in Benton died after accidentally shooting himself in the head, according to family. The next day, a six year old in Little Rock accidentally shot and killed himself.

After seeing the news, Mike Willingham with iPawn Arkansas knew something had to be done, and wanted to make sure every Arkansan has no excuse not keep kids from accidentally pulling the trigger.

That’s why iPawn is now giving away free gun locks, indefinitely.

“Once that bullet leaves that gun you can’t bring it back,” Jean Foster, a gun owner and parent, said. This is something he said has been on his mind all week.

“With the recent events happening in Little Rock with little children and accidental shootings, it just really prompted me. It’s something I needed to do,” Foster said. With guns and four kids at home ranging from high school to elementary school age. Foster knew he needed to prevent his kids from being able to pull the trigger. That’s why he took advantage of the deal iPawn released on Friday.

“Why don’t we give away these? We’ve got these, why don’t we give them away? We’re huge advocates of the second amendment and people owning firearms, but theres that safety aspect of it too,” Willingham said. He told Channel 7 if you’ve got five firearms, they’ll give you five locks.

“Theres a balance between protection and safety and so we’re helping provide that balance for free,” Willingham said. They’re aiming to help parents, like Foster, be proactive and prevent accidental shootings.

“Look your children in the eyes and its worth it. It’s worth every bit of it,” Foster said.

Please Join Us: VIP Shopping Event

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WHEN: Saturday, December 5, 2015 from 5-7pm
WHERE: American Jewelry and Loan, 20450 Greenfield Road, Detroit

INFO:  Les and Seth Gold invite you to a VIP Shopping event. Celebrating the season of giving with Jay Towers, who will accompany 15 families to Disney World for the second annual Jay’s Juniors.  We will also be introducing our newest community partners, The Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. Enjoy refreshments, carolers, and the season’s best deals on all of the affordable luxury that’s on your shopping list! Learn more at!