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September 2015

Improve your negotiation skills and get the best deal on big purchases

By | from Les Gold
I’ve spent my entire life as a pawnbroker, so negotiating is something that comes naturally to me. For many people, however, it can be an intimidating process

Studies by Harvard Business School suggest that women can be less likely to drive a hard bargain when negotiating on their behalf. And author Linda Babcock found that when it comes to negotiating, women can be 50 per cent less likely to speak up.

In my own experience, I find that women are just as capable at negotiating as their male counterparts, but if you find you’re more likely to shy away, there are three keys for you to remember to successfully negotiate any deal. Click here for the article at

#GoldTone Podcast: NASCAR Champ Joey Logano

By | from Seth Gold, In the News

Here’s an excerpt of the latest blog post from where you can see behind-the-scenes photos as well:

I hope that you enjoy listening to my weekly podcast as much as we enjoy recording the episodes … Dan, Les, and of course our weekly guests always keep things interesting and of course we enjoy bringing various items from the pawnshop to appraise and talk about.

This week’s episode, I talk about a new passion of mine — NASCAR Racing. Despite being a huge sports fan, the first NASCAR race that my family ever attended was the 2013 Quicken Loans 400 when I drove the official pace car at Michigan International Speedway.

In this week’s episode, we welcome NASCAR Champion driver Joey Logano to talk about the sport and the amazing championship season that he’s currently experiencing. Will Dan be the next NASCAR newbie? I also brings a memento from an amazing experience that he and Les shared at a significant sporting event. Listen now at

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Proud Sponsors: Jays Juniors 2015

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Jay Towers in the Morning created Jay’s Juniors in 2014 as an opportunity to take families with chronic or terminally ill children on an all expense paid trip to Walt Disney World®.

This year, Les and Seth Gold are proud sponsors and invite you to read more at  Know a deserving family? Click HERE to download an application!