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January 2015

TMZ: “Les Gold Outbids Everyone…”

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From TMZ: The star of “Hardcore Pawn” is gunning for the famous game-winning football from the Seahawks vs. Packers game … and he tells TMZ Sports he’ll CRUSH the $20K offer that’s already on the table.

Les Gold tells us … the pigskin that Seattle WR Jermaine Kearse launched into the stands after catching the winning touchdown is an instant collectors item — and he’s dead set on getting it.

The man who caught the ball, Scott Shelton, has already received a $20,000 offer from a sports memorabilia dealership — but Gold says he’s ready and willing to smash that number.

Breaking News Portal: Seth Gold at CES 2015

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Read full article here: “… “This is my third consecutive CES trip to Las Vegas, and I’m the only pawnshop that is a distributor for Dr. Dre’s Monster Headphones.

“I see all the brands right here, and then I know what to anticipate 90 days later. I’m specifically interested on this trip checking out all the cutting-edge, high-end watches and the wrist devices that do everything.

“I know they’ll be in high demand this spring, and then 3 months from being purchased, we’ll get started getting them as pawn things with yet another big demand for them.”


Las Vegas Sun: Robin Leach Chats with Seth Gold

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From Las Vegas Sun: Reality-TV star Seth Gold, son of Les Gold, the Detroit owner of American Jewelry & Loan featured in TruTV’s “Hardcore Pawn,” is at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show here through Friday.

Seth, who I last chatted with in July, is spending four days looking at products that he thinks will wind up in his pawnshop.

“It takes about 90 days for merchandise that’s bought at retail to wind up in our hands for loans,” he told me. “This is my third consecutive CES trip to Las Vegas, and I’m the only pawnshop that is a distributor for Monster Headphones.

Read the full article in Las Vegas Sun via Robin Leach.