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July 2014

American Jewelry and Loan Now Offering In-Store Financing!

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For over 35 years, American Jewelry and Loan has offered an unparallelled selection of luxury watches, estate jewelry, gemstones, engagement rings, and more at a fraction of the retail price.

Now, we are proud to offer in-store financing to our customers (NOTE: online financing is not available at this time).

We offer 100% approval for all of our customers who successfully complete our simple credit application process! Your application can be approved in just minutes!

See our store for more details. This program is currently only available for in-store purchases at our two Metro Detroit locations. Approval is subject to down payment requirements and no change in financial condition.

Get started today with our online application!

Seth Gold to Appear at Choice Pawn’s new Tupelo Location

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Seth Gold, star of ‘Hardcore Pawn’ will visit Choice Pawn’s Tupelo, Mississippi location on Friday, July 18 from 11am until 2:00 pm. Local caterers will be providing refreshments.


Seth is a fourth generation pawnbroker who works alongside his sister and father at American Jewelry and Loan, located in the heart of Detroit. Their store has been the subject of truTV’s top-rated show, Hardcore Pawn. Now in its eighth season, with nearly 150 episodes, Hardcore Pawn has broken numerous audience records and averaged nearly three million weekly viewers in the US. The show also enjoys immense popularity in other markets including Australia, Europe, and South Africa.


“I’m impressed by what the Choice Pawn team is doing and I’m excited to meet their customers,” Seth said. “Choice Pawn helps families and individuals make ends meet when life’s unexpected circumstances arise. Their approach to customer service and professionalism is unmatched.“ Fans will have the opportunity to visit with Seth, take photos and grab an autograph while taking advantage of specials and discounts on merchandise at the store.

“We are creating the finest and most superior standards in all of collateral lending. This is not your typical pawn shop. It’s a caliber of its own,” company President Luke Montgomery says.


Choice Pawn is located at 1141 West Main St. in the old Super D building. More information can be found at , on the Choice Pawn Tupelo Facebook page or by calling 662-840-6400.

New York Daily News: Jack Kevorkian’s Deathmobile Sells at ‘Hardcore Pawn’ Store in Detroit

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Read the full story here: The Deathmobile lives on.

The famed 1968 Volkswagen Minibus used by controversial Dr. Jack Kevorkian on assisted suicides with his patients is currently on a layaway plan at the American Jewelry & Loan in Souhfield, Mich.

Store owner Les Gold, one of the stars of the reality show “Hardcore Pawn” on truTV, told the Daily News he sold the vehicle to a Detroit area car dealer who plans to display it in his store.

The vehicle is currently in the back of his shop until the owner pays off the full sale price of $25,000.

Gold said the vehicle is an important part of the city’s history as Kevorkian — a crusader for assisted suicide — would use it when treating patients. Kevorkian died in 2011 at the age of 83 and served an eight-year sentence in prison.






Read the full article at New York Daily News:

Seth Gold Tells All: Drop the Acid

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My family and I own a jewelry store in Detroit and run a ton of transactions. Many of our customers come in to pawn or sell us their old gold jewelry. Much of the jewelry is out of fashion or broken so there’s no resale value. We send this scrap jewelry to a refiner to be melted down. Prices are usually based on the weight of the gold content. Solid gold jewelry is 24 karats. Lesser jewelry has less gold content and usually contains other metals and hardening agents. The less gold content in a piece of jewelry, the less money it will be worth to anyone who intends to melt it down. So if I receive less money from the refiner, I will have to offer less money to the customer.

To stay in business, I need to make sure the cash offer is fair to both the customer and to me. Before I hand over money to the customer, I need to know exactly how much gold is in that scrap jewelry. If the customer is mistaken about the karat weight, or if karat marks are wrong and I don’t know the exact content, I could be burned.

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