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February 2014

Hardcore THAW 2 — The Tradition Continues

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On Saturday, February 8, 2014, THAW The Heat and Warmth Fund wrapped up its ‘Week of Warmth’ with the second annual Hardcore THAW event. This is the one time per year when the doors of the store are opened and the public is invited behind the scenes for a tour. More photos and news coming soon:

International CES: Seth Gold attends the Consumer Electronics Show

By | from Seth Gold

by: Seth Gold

Again this year, I attended International CES in Las Vegas. While there, I was able to check out some of the latest trends in technology and network with industry insiders from brands including Monster, Skullcandy, and Contour among others. While in town, I was able to finally tour UFC Headquarters.

I also dropped by Channel 13 studios to chat with Vegas Morning Blend.  Read more about my CES Experience in the Las Vegas Sun.  Watch our website for announcements about upcoming retail partnerships!

Super Bowl 2014: A Hardcore Tradition for Les and Seth Gold

By | from Les Gold

by: Les Gold

Since first attending the Big Game when it came to our hometown (Super Bowl XL) a few years ago, we’ve made it a yearly tradition. For two sports fanatics, it’s a great opportunity to get away from work and enjoy one of the biggest sports events of the year. This year’s Super Bowl experience was truly hardcore. We were guests of my friends at Lenovo, whom I had met by serving as the speaker at one of their training events last year.

We had an incredible time and we are always grateful for the opportunity to meet so many great people.