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December 2013

Happy New Year!

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On behalf of everyone here at American Jewelry and Loan, the Gold family wishes to thank their fans, followers, and customers from around the world for a tremendous year in 2013. We wish you and your family a healthy and safe 2014!


Still MORE Great Customer Reviews!

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You know that you can always shop with confidence at American Jewelry and Loan’s online store. We LOVE when we hear back from our customers.


+++++Ecstatic!!!+++++  12/17/2013 Emma N.

I couldn’t be happier! I got exactly what I ordered, shipped fast & packaged well, for an extremely reasonable price! Thank you so much, American Jewelry & Loan!

Bought Authentic 8 Mile Road Sign Autographed by THE CREW

Hardcore for life  12/15/2013 Pamela A.

Recently purchased a small autograph for my husband who is a huge fan! came so quick and we’ll packaged and we are from the UK, lovely picture signed by all 3 of you and a little message saying happy birthday stay hardcore, more than I can expect and such a brilliant price thank you all! roll on April next year when we visit Detroit for one reason only to visit your store and grab a bargain!!!

Bought Authentic 8 x 10 Autographed Photo

AWESOME!!!  12/15/2013 Alex M.

Rec’d picture with the personalization EXACTLY as I requested! The look on my sister’s face when I gave it to her was PRICELESS!!! Thank You Les!!

Bobbby Hull Puck  12/14/2013 by Massimo T.

The service and timing of the shipment was outstanding and the extra bonus was finding an autographed 8X10 photos of the Gold’s. That made my day! Thanks again and you’ll find me browsing again soon!

We’re BACK — Mojo in the Morning Breaking and Entering

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Year after year, Mojo In The Morning brings the holidays to families who are experiencing some misfortune in their lives. Here is an excerpt of the letter which describes the family who will be the recipient of the Gold family’s support:

Dear Mojo in the Morning:

I would like to nominate my two beautiful daughters for help this holiday season.

My middle child is 22 and has suffered with epilepsy since age 19. She literally just woke up one day and started having seizures, she was a wonderful, smart, college student that wanted to be a chef one day then, suddenly her life, our lives, changed. She has undergone 2 brain surgeries to remove the damaged tissue but the seizures have returned. I have taken her and her 2 year old son in to live with me because she is now in a child-like state as the surgery damaged her speech and short-term memory. She went from a young woman with a bright future to a future that is now uncertain. Her seizures have returned and I don’t want her to undergo another brain surgery as the risk is too high.

My oldest daughter is 24 and has two boys, ages 2 and 6. She is juggling nursing school, 12 hour shifts at work as a caretaker, plus managing her home and her boys all on her own. She was recently told she will be losing her job after Christmas. She is living paycheck to paycheck and just trying to get by, she has no idea how she is going to give the boys a Christmas.
I am doing the best that I can but some days, it’s just too much.

I try to have family dinners to help put food on the table but I am currently unemployed and doing whatever I can to survive. My youngest daughter who is 20, has taken on the role of breadwinner working 7 days a week so we can pay rent and bills. I feel guilty that this has fallen onto her shoulders and that I can’t provide a Christmas for my daughters and grandbabies. They all deserve better in life and I am hoping you can show them that even though things are rough right now, that it will get better. I just want to see them smile and enjoy their Christmas.

We show up at their homes, “break in,” and load ’em up with truck-loads of food, necessities and gifts. These moments are tearjerkers for sure, but you’ll smile after hearing the excitement and gratitude of the families, particularly the children, through your radio.The Gold’s family’s annual support of a very special Detroit family will occur on Thursday, December 19!

Article: Pawn Shops Provide Alternative Shopping Opportunity During Holidays

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Black Friday is known for crowded malls and long lines outside of big retail stores.  But with more people strapped for cash these days, pawn shops are becoming a holiday shopping destination.

It’s not your parent’s pawnshop anymore, according to Larry Beloff, the president of Max’s Jewelers and Loan Company in Springfield. He says with new shows on reality TV, like Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn, these shops have taken on new appeal.

“Some people still have the attitude of the pawn shop that you see in the movies. The sleazy back street dealership and pawning stolen goods,” Beloff states. “Today, that’s not so. We are governed by state law, city law and now the federal government has put us under their federal banking laws.”

Pawn shops are a way for people to use items as collateral to get small loans, it’s also a place to buy inexpensive merchandise.

The National Pawnbrokers Association says there has been a significant increase in new pawn shops since 2007 when the recession began, and the number of pawn loans have up gone during that time period.

Beloff says with the holidays approaching, customers depend on pawn shops for better deals than they can find at other stores.

“The same amount of money you’d spend on two items at the mall you could buy four or five items here and still have some money left over to go have a nice dinner,” he explains.

Beloff says he’s expecting a large crowd on Black Friday, but it won’t be quite as big as the end of the holiday season, when people are looking to sell unwanted gifts for cash.

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