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TruTV Renews ‘Hardcore Pawn’ for Season 7

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The cable network’s top-rated series has already banked 100 episodes and inspired a Chicago-based spinoff.

Courtesy of Trutv
“Hardcore Pawn”

The cable network’s top ratings earner, which recently shot its 100th episode, will air a seventh season this year.

The news comes as little surprise given Hardcore Pawn‘s continued strong performance for truTV. The current run opened to its biggest audience ever (3.1 million viewers, 1.4 million of them adults 18-49), and the show’s viewership is 11 percent higher than the previous season, with an average of 2.6 million viewers for each episode.

Hardcore Pawn also inspired one of the network’s biggest freshman success stories. The January premiere of spinoff Hardcore Pawn: Chicago brought in a record launch of 2.1 million viewers.

Hardcore Pawn, an unscripted look at the pawnbroker family behind American Jewelry & Loan in Detroit, was created by Zodiak New York. Mike GamsonNatalka Znak and Richard Dominickare executive producers.

Tuesday’s Cable Ratings: “Hardcore Pawn” Leads Viewers, “Pretty Little Liars” Tops Demos

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Tuesday’s Cable Ratings: “Hardcore Pawn” Leads Viewers, “Pretty Little Liars” Tops Demos
By The Futon Critic Staff (TFC)

select cable nielsen ratings
(national numbers for tuesday, january 22, 2013)

Here are the highlights of 28 ad-sustained programs that aired in primetime on the cable networks last night,courtesy of TravisYanan:

Hardcore Pawn (9:00) – truTV
2.937 million viewers, #1; 1.315 million adults 18-49 (1.0 rating), #4

White Collar – USA
2.768 million viewers, #2; 1.102 million adults 18-49 (0.9 rating), #9

Pretty Little Liars – ABC Family
2.676 million viewers, #3; 1.550 million adults 18-49 (1.2 rating), #1

Dance Moms (9:00) – Lifetime
2.510 million viewers, #4; 1.246 million adults 18-49 (1.0 rating), #5

Justified – FX
2.436 million viewers, #5; 1.202 million adults 18-49 (1.0 rating), #6

Real Husbands of Hollywood – BET
2.290 million viewers, #6; 1.463 million adults 18-49 (1.2 rating), #2

Hardcore Pawn: Chicago (9:30) – truTV
2.166 million viewers, #7; 0.911 million adults 18-49 (0.7 rating), #11

Snooki & JWOWW (10:00) – MTV
2.104 million viewers, #8; 1.432 million adults 18-49 (1.1 rating), #3

Cougar Town – TBS
2.041 million viewers, #9; 1.191 million adults 18-49 (0.9 rating), #7

Chopped (10:00) – Food
1.865 million viewers, #10; 0.849 million adults 18-49 (0.7 rating), #14

Second Generation Wayans – BET
1.786 million viewers, #11; 1.142 million adults 18-49 (0.9 rating), #8

Face Off (9:00) – Syfy
1.756 million viewers, #12; 0.873 million adults 18-49 (0.7 rating), #12

The Ultimate Fighter (8:00, 120 Minutes) – FX
1.512 million viewers, #13; 1.032 million adults 18-49 (0.8 rating), #10

Level Up (8:00) – Cartoon
1.407 million viewers, #14; 0.335 million adults 18-49 (0.3 rating), #24

The Bad Girls Club (8:00) – Oxygen
1.351 million viewers, #15; 0.856 million adults 18-49 (0.7 rating), #13

Dual Survival (9:00) – Discovery
1.303 million viewers, #16; 0.721 million adults 18-49 (0.6 rating), #16

The Lying Game – ABC Family
1.281 million viewers, #17; 0.742 million adults 18-49 (0.6 rating), #15

Africa (10:00) – Discovery
1.225 million viewers, #18; 0.568 million adults 18-49 (0.4 rating), #18

Total Blackout (10:00) – Syfy
1.144 million viewers, #19; 0.660 million adults 18-49 (0.5 rating), #17

America’s Supernanny (10:00) – Lifetime
0.893 million viewers, #20; 0.403 million adults 18-49 (0.3 rating), #21

Wild Deep (9:00) – Animal Planet
0.840 million viewers, #21; 0.279 million adults 18-49 (0.2 rating), #26

Wild Deep (9:30) – Animal Planet
0.825 million viewers, #22; 0.272 million adults 18-49 (0.2 rating), #27

The Burn with Jeff Ross – Comedy Central
0.749 million viewers, #23; 0.542 million adults 18-49 (0.4 rating), #19

The Joe Schmo Show (10:00) – Spike TV
0.658 million viewers, #24; 0.509 million adults 18-49 (0.4 rating), #20

Our America with Lisa Ling (10:00) – OWN
0.587 million viewers, #25; 0.297 million adults 18-49 (0.2 rating), #25

The Sisterhood (9:00) – TLC
0.579 million viewers, #26; 0.371 million adults 18-49 (0.3 rating), #22

The Real 50 Shades of Grey – E!
0.520 million viewers, #27; 0.349 million adults 18-49 (0.3 rating), #23

Totally T-Boz (8:00) – TLC
0.416 million viewers, #28; 0.240 million adults 18-49 (0.2 rating), #28



American Jewelry and Loan Purchases the Van of Jack Kevorkian on Episode of Hardcore Pawn

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By Les Gold

Dr Jack Kevorkian, also known as “Dr. Death”, is certainly one of the most intriguing and unusual Detroiters in recent history. He’s best known for his claim to have helped over a hundred terminally ill patients commit suicide. After graduating from University of Michigan Medical School, he became interested in blood transfusions and death. He came up with some pretty controversial and outrageous ideas including using prisoners for medical research and transfusing blood from corpses. He was never really successfully finding work as a practicing physician but he certainly gained notoriety after taking out ads in the Detroit News as a “death consultant”.

Having been a pawn broker for all these years, I’ve seen countless items owned by well known people, including cars. What was particularly fascinating about this van is that it was not only the mode of transport owned by this notorious guy, but it also played such a key role in his controversial work.  According to his lawyer, well-known Detroit attorney Geoffrey Feiger, each of the individuals that Dr. Kevorkian worked with took the final action which resulted in their own deaths, using a euthanasia device that he had designed and built and installed in the van that is now a part of American Jewelry and Loan’s collection.

If you saw the show, you know that the final purchase price came down to a $20,000 coin flip. It was high stakes to be sure and I think my kids were pretty nervous. But I wasn’t nervous for a second. Although the chances of a coin toss are 50/50, this is still my house. And the house always has the advantage.”

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Alumni Profile: Seth Gold

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Alumni Profile: Seth Gold


University alum Seth Gold prides himself on his work ethic. He’s a fourth-generation pawnbroker and star of truTV network’s reality show, Hardcore Pawn.

Seth has a lot to show for his hard work: Hardcore Pawn amassed more than two million views for its season premiere, breaking the standing record.

Gold became involved in his family business after graduating from the University in 2003. Originally on the pre-medicine track, he altered his path after graduation to become his father’s business partner at American Jewelry and Loan.

With 10 years of experience, there’s not much that Gold hasn’t seen at the business, which is located on Greenfield Road in Detroit.

At the shop, customers bring in merchandise either to sell or to pawn, which means they obtain a cash loan in exchange for the merchandise as collateral. However, as simple as this process may seem, transactions become heated when customers don’t think they are getting a good deal.

On the show, customers are notorious for their arguments and negotiations. The most ridiculous experience, Gold said, was when a guy tried to pawn a glass eye.

“I popped it out of his head,” Gold said.

Since Gold has always been a self-proclaimed “Michigan guy,” Wolverine memorabilia frequently appears on the show. In the first season a Michigan helmet sat behind him in his office, and Gold still goes to games at the Big House.

Gold said he doesn’t have time for many hobbies. He once tweeted, “Trying this sleep thing. Let’s see how it goes.”

Excited to Attend CES 2013!

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By: Seth Gold

At American Jewelry and Loan we carry a wide variety of both new and used merchandise. Our pawn shop is clearly different than anything you would typically imagine.  That being said, I like loading our shelves with the latest and greatest  gadgets. More and more, customers come to American Jewelry and Loan looking for a new laptop, digital camera, or the latest  smartphone.

That’s why I’m pumped to be attending 2013 International CES in Las Vegas this week, the world’s largest innovation event. I’ll be posting photos to my Facebook and Twitter streams, so be sure to follow me!

2012 CES in Las Vegas. Photo from PCMag

laptops, televisions

Electronics from American Jewelry and Loan's Showroom