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December 2011

Gifts that keep on giving!

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By Seth Gold


Finally, the word is out. There is no status in paying more!

Buying pre-owned is the only way to go. And that includes gift giving!

Really, do you think anyone is going to know whether that Rolex on your wrist cost $25,000 or $10,000? Or whether someone else wore it before you?

Not a chance! They’re all going to think you’re a rock star! Or that your girlfriend is dating a rock star!

So why would you pay nearly triple the price?

The same thing goes with anything you can easily buy at a pawn shop. You just have to get over the word pawn.

We know that people are catching on, because we’re having a problem keeping our electronics department stocked. Technology is changing so quickly these days, that people are realizing it no longer matters whether you’re the first of your friends to have it. Let some other guy buy the first 3D TV on the block and pay $3,000. Give it 3 months and then check out your local pawn shop. There’s a really good chance you’ll be able to pick up that same TV for $900. We know. We see them come in. And we see them go out — quickly at that price.

And here’s what you need to know about jewelry.  That ring you’re buying at the fancy jewelry store — even the ones with the pretty boxes — they get their gold and diamonds the same way we do — just maybe not as directly.

Trust me when I tell you, those jewelry stores with the splashy commercials and well known wrapping, are not mining their own diamonds and gold! Gold is bought in the same way you see us buying it — then it’s sent to a refinery, where it’s melted down and the gold is separated out from alloys. And then the gold bricks are shipped out to jewelers around the country.  So they may not tell you their gold is pre-owned, but most of it is. That’s just the way it works.

Diamonds aren’t that different. They don’t all get passed down within families. People sell their diamonds after a divorce or maybe after an inheritance and the stores either use those to custom design a “new ring” or they sell them to diamond brokers who re-sell them to other stores.

Everything old is new again.

So given the choice, do you want to pay $10,000 for an engagement ring or $7500?

Shopping in a pawn shop is no different than finding a deal on ebay or Craig’s List. And in some ways, at least when you shop on, it’s better. You know us. We know that you know us. So we’re not going to ship you something that doesn’t work or doesn’t match its description.

So make this season a little merrier. Buy for the people you love, but shop within your budget.

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Happy holidays everyone!!!


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