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October 2011

Hardcore Pawn (Stars?) The Big D Takes On Vegas, Baby!

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By Seth Gold

So while you’d think we’d get a little break while Hardcore Pawn is in reruns, that’s not the reality of reality TV! We’re filming new episodes and getting ready for the premier of season 5 on November 15th.  And with the opening of the new store (that you may remember Les surprised us with during the finale of season 4), you never know what’s in store!

But we did get to sneak away for a couple days — and I guess some of you might say we were treading on “enemy territory”.  We brought a little bit of the D to Vegas, baby!  We thought they needed to see what real pawn brokers look like!

We were invited to attend the biggest gaming conference in the world – G2E – the global gaming expo.  We figured since so many of our Detroit customers are hanging out at the casinos, we should stay ahead of the curve! (Btw, for anyone that doesn’t know, Detroit has three casinos and there’s a fourth right over the bridge to Canada, in Windsor — yet another reason to take a road trip to Detroit!)

I gotta tell you, it was like entering an alternative universe! Long gone are the days when slot machines swirl cherries and oranges. Now casino owners want to give you the full experience — by putting you in the middle of a video game while you gambling — probably so you won’t notice how much money you’re losing!!!  But I’ve got to say, if you’re gonna lose your cash, this is the way to go!

We just missed Dan Aykroyd’s unveiling of the new Ghostbusters slot machine.  But we did have some other cool celebrity sightings!  Mike Tyson was at a special event that you needed credentials to get into — but I guess you could say we carry the “Reality” card now, so people seem to let down the velvet rope when they see us coming. Crazy. Really crazy. We’re just a couple guys running a pawn shop in Detroit!  But we’re having a great time!

And you know we’re BIG sports fans –so when NFL Hall of Fame Running Back Herschel Walker flagged us down – we knew we were in the game!

The parties last til dawn in this town and while Les went back to the hotel at midnight – let’s just say I almost missed my 6:00 AM flight back to Detroit. Vegas is Hardcore!

And just when I thought the party was over – Louie Anderson waved me down on the flight home! He waved ME down! How crazy is that?

We made a lot of new friends in Vegas and you never know, we may be coming to a casino near you sometime soon!  You might even see our faces on one of those fancy new slot machines. How cool would that be?  Hardcore Cash!!!!!

Vegas, Baby!

We missed Dan, but we still got to check out his cool car! Wonder if he wants to sell it?

Mike Tyson!

Hanging with Herschel Walker!